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    khleug35 got a reaction from Wolfsbane in (Solved)How to check if the timer is paused??   
    How to check if the timer is paused??
    the following is my example code 
    game.createScene('Main', { init: function() { this.animation = game.Timer.add(100, function() { //dosomething }, true); this.animation.pause(); },  
    I try to using "this.animation.pasued", but not work
    update: function() { if(this.animation.pasued){ //check if the timer is paused, but not work this.animation.resume(); }  
    any idea??? Thank you very much. 
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    khleug35 reacted to Stephan in (Solved)How to check if the timer is paused??   
    there is no public property available but you could use the following private property 
    working example:
    var timer = game.Timer.add(1000, function() { sprite.remove(); }); if(timer._pause){ console.log("paused") } else{ console.log("Not paused") }  
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    khleug35 reacted to enpu in How to improve Load time?   
    Actually i just added third parameter to addAsset function that will do this for you automatically.
    // Never loads the file from cache game.addAsset('', 'example.json', true);  
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    khleug35 reacted to ftguy2018 in How to improve Load time?   
    Talking about loading resources in PANDA2, is there a way to tell the engine that an asset must be reloaded from the server and not from the browser cache ?  We have some json data that must fetched from the server every time and chrome has some issues to reload them, it does always serve the old version.... 
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    khleug35 reacted to enpu in How to improve Load time?   
    You can add some random number to the end of the url, to prevent browser from loading the file from cache. Like this:
    game.addAsset('' +, 'example.json'); game.createScene('Main', { init: function() { var json = game.getJSON('example.json'); } });  
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    khleug35 reacted to enpu in About write code out of game.modules tab and build apk.   
    Storage class uses local storage.
    The reason why the build failed was that the code was placed outside of the module.
    // CODE OUTSIDE OF THE MODULE game.module( 'game.main' ) .body(function() { // CODE INSIDE THE MODULE }); The build process needs to go through the module file, so it can know which modules to include in the build (if module requires other modules). It uses Node and there is no local storage available, so that's why it throws "localStorage is not defined" error.
    Build process doesn't run the module's body function, so that's why you should put all the code there.
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    khleug35 reacted to enpu in Is it possible to make the sprite rotation angle follow by joystick pad position??   
    Here is example project, that shows you how to do it
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    khleug35 reacted to ShrewdPixel in I'm creating Ruby Gems for Pixi.js   
    Greetings!      TL;DR - Links to pixi.js Rails gem at the bottom, with more to come.
    I'm a big fan of RubyOnRails as an application framework for a lot of reasons; It has several easy to integrate database options, it now has ActionCable for built in web-sockets, it's stupid fast for developing websites/applications, and it can easily(relatively) be deployed to Digital Ocean on the cheap using dokku.
    I've already been using it to deploy games like the one I have on display in the game showcase (Loyal Online - link to post) when building HTML5 games from scratch without any frameworks. But it's been slow enough going that I've had to upgrade my approach and start learning frameworks/engines like pixi.js.  (Which I already love and am building a new one now.)
    So to speed up and simplify using Rails to make HTML5 games, I've started porting pixi.js to gems that can be easily included in any Rails app. I've already gotten the main library file ported and is now featured in the library. (So it can now just be included in the gemfile of any Rails app and quickly be bundled in.) I'll also be setting up individual gems for the other optional components like projection, filters, sound etc. keeping with the modular nature of Rails. I'll update this thread as I get them setup and tested.
    I know Ruby On Rails hasn't been considered a very viable option for making gaming apps in the past, but I'll be changing that this week.
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    khleug35 reacted to ShrewdPixel in [Panda2] Dead Gunner   
    Greetings! Play tested using Chrome on MacOS Mojave.
    I really do love retro-styled arcade/console games; this reminded me of both Contra and Metroid in some ways. While it could still use more additions to gameplay and interface, it definitely has a solid foundation  and runs quite well in the broswer.
    If you're looking for more inspiration as to what add, I'd suggest checking out the NES classic "Clash at Demonhead"; it has a similar foundation and from the looks of your code has many features the would seem to be inline with your design structure. But that's just a suggestion for ideas and inspiration.
    Very good game; Good Luck!
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    khleug35 reacted to Wolfsbane in [Panda2]Make 10! - A card game for Android.   
    Thanks khleug35! Haha, yeah... I made an 'Easy Mode' if people really cant stand it when they get to the end, and the last 2 cards are stuck.... 
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    khleug35 got a reaction from Wolfsbane in [Panda2]Make 10! - A card game for Android.   
    Very awnsome game!!!! Good Job, Great work!!! 
    I Can't Stop Playing It, 

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    khleug35 reacted to Wolfsbane in [Panda2]Make 10! - A card game for Android.   
    Hiya Guys and Girls,
    Make 10! is a fairly simple, solitaire-like Card game that requires a bit of math, memory, and luck to complete with a perfect score. But it's pretty satisfying when that's achieved.
    It's great for children, but provides a pretty addictive little experience for adults, too.
    Currently: This game is Android App only. I'm working on a website to publish it to.
    One of the feedback's I'd like to hear: Is the .apk size putting you off downloading? It's almost 60mb, and most of it's because it's been built with Crosswalk. (which should produce a slightly higher quality, but I'm not sure if it's worth the extra 40+mb filesize...)
    You can also leave a rating, if ya like. 👨‍🔬
    Game link:
    Tech info:
    Game developed and built with Panda2. (Which as been a pretty good experience, and it's proven very well suited for building Card games.) Really made the Javascript-to-App conversion super painless. Art by the talented @Nikky Oryzano (Who I'd recommend  
    Panda Community:
    Tagging in the Panda boys: @enpu , @Ninjadoodle , @khleug35 , @pstrejczek . Go go go! 😃 
    (Sorry if if you're not a 'droid user. 🧐 )
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    khleug35 reacted to AndreasLoew in How to improve Load time?   
    TexturePacker already does a quite good job in compressing PNGs. It contains algorithms to reduce the PNGs to 8 bit and includes pngopt to reduce the file size. TinyPNG might still reduce the size a bit more - but you usually don't gain more than 5% compared to TexturePacker only.
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    khleug35 reacted to Chewgako in [Panda2] Dead Gunner   
    Nice work! May wanna change the "Loading" text to retro style as well. 😁
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    khleug35 reacted to enpu in Creating desktop app with Panda 2   
    Check out this small tutorial on how to create desktop apps with Panda 2 using Electron.
    You can develop your game on Panda 2 and see it running as a desktop app at the same time, all changes taking effect instantly on both as you save. You can also easily turn your existing project into a desktop app.
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    khleug35 reacted to enpu in Bezier curve support added   
    Panda Engine 2.12.0 now supports bezier curves with new Curve class.
    Here is interactive example, where you can see bezier curve in action:
    You can modify the curve by moving the start and end points as well as the two control points.
    Here is also example on how to use Curve together with Tween:
    Documentation of Curve class:
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    khleug35 reacted to enpu in Block Puck 3D game template   
    New Block Puck 3D game template available for download!
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    khleug35 reacted to SharedDreams in 12 MiniBattles (Available for Non-Exclusive License)   
    Hello friend, thank you very much! is that from the beginning was successful and in all promotions said "2 players", I thought that its essence was that and I did not want to change it but for Android has many games that I was adding
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    khleug35 got a reaction from SharedDreams in 12 MiniBattles (Available for Non-Exclusive License)   
    Great Game , it would be fine to battle with CPU
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    khleug35 reacted to enpu in [Panda2] Dead Gunner   
    Really good work for a first game!
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    khleug35 reacted to B3L7 in Eternity Pilot   
    Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. I'm working on a big update right now.
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    khleug35 got a reaction from B3L7 in Eternity Pilot   
    Great game!!! very fun, I very enjoy getting an infinity gun and bomb

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    khleug35 reacted to enpu in p2.js plugin   
    p2.js plugin has been updated to version 1.2.2 and now includes more example scenes:
    Bounce - shows how to bounce two bodies when they collide
    Groups - shows how to use collision groups
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    khleug35 reacted to enpu in Virtual Joystick plugin   
    Virtual Joystick plugin has been updated to 1.1.0 and now supports multitouch
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    khleug35 reacted to Wolfsbane in [Panda2] Dead Gunner   
    ❤️ Feels MegaMan-esque. 
    Good stuff! it's a nice one. I played through till the first boss. 
    Only area I think could be improved was the initial load time seemed quite slow.. could do with some optimizing maybe? How big is the game? I kind of expect low-res arcade web games to load within 10-15 sec. I guess it's got some big music files?