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    UWP JavaScript keyboard bug

    I'm developing simple game in TypeScript and HTML5 using Phaser. It is targeting to all major platforms (Android, IOS and UWP) and standalone web page. I've added basic keyboard implementation for player movement using Phaser engine implementation : this.leftKey =; this.rightKey =; and after testing I've noticed strange input behavior in UWP native solution. The keyboard seems to lag. After searching solution I find this page where I find recommended keyboard support in UWP apps using JavaScript (chapter 5 Adding player movement) . document.addEventListener('keydown', this.onKeyDown.bind(this), false); document.addEventListener('keyup', this.onKeyUp.bind(this), false); But after implementing it the problem still exist. Application seems not respond for events immediately, don't getting events at all or getting it in wrong order. This situation is occurs only in UWP app, in all other platforms movement works great. I even downloaded and test game from link above and noticed the same keyboard issues. Does anyone know solution to this problem or what causes it? Thanks!