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  1. slaanevil

    Phaser move filter

    First, thanks for all, your code it's useful for us. So, we have another question but, this time will be very easy. Is possible to change the background color of the filter? Because at now the look and fell is not good for us. We want to remove the "black" background or set to transparent. We are thankful
  2. slaanevil

    Phaser move filter

    Dear community: We are learning about phaser and we have a doubt for this forum. We are trying to develop a simple shoot game with a plane and enemies. The goal is that when a enemy is killed, a fire animation will be showed. We did this with a spritesheet and the result is good but we want to improve the quality with this filter: The problem is that we can't move the fireball effect over each enemy. The fire is always in the same position (left-bottom corner), and we can not change it. Probably the problem is the opengl code but we are not sure. Anyone can add this fireball effect to be showed when the enemy is killed? I thing that this code will be useful for the developers as us.