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  1. Hey Everyone, So I have a mesh which I use as ground, but since I need it exported from blender ( altogether with a navigation mesh ) I cant use the GroundMesh methods such as "getHeightAtCoordinates(x, z)". Right now I have implemented RayCasting for the task and is working quite good, however I need a more efficient way of doing it and since I am looking for one thought to ask here as well. If someone can point me to a direction how to approach this it would be amazing. Cheers!
  2. RelativeNull

    Mesh.dispose problem

    Hello, So I have been getting my hands on Babylon 3.1.0 and I've noticed a weird bug, whenever calling mesh.dispose we get a null pointer exception related to the world matrix. I have been able to solve this by first freezing the world matrix and then calling dispose. I don't know whether the issue has been reported before or fixed just thought to notify you guys about it. Thanks,
  3. RelativeNull

    BabylonJS CharacterController

    I agree there is a debate whether the character controllers should be rigid body or kinematic body. What you have done here is the kinematic body approach and sincerely I do think that kinematic is better than rigid for the purpuse . However, if someone integrates a physics engine like Oimo or Cannon into BJS ( and BJS makes it easy as hell to do so ), would your controller work and interact with other physic bodies ? I would probably look at this as a next evolution step for your controller. I am thinking of this as something which hopefully later can be shipped with BJS. To be able to do so, you need to make it compatible to the physic engines available.
  4. RelativeNull

    BabylonJS CharacterController

    @satguru One question. Did you write this based on a physic engine? How easy would it be to integrate it to Cannon.js or Oimo.js ?
  5. RelativeNull

    BabylonJS CharacterController

    @Deltakosh This would be a great addition for Babylon.js . I think it is quite well done not underestimating the fact that writing a good character controller is never easy. @satguru Great job!
  6. Yeah the main problem of the game is that you harly understand what is going on. Nevertheless, it is quite well done content wise, but is lacking alot in UX. I would describe it a mess.
  7. Hey @GBear , Looks amazing. I tried it in a very low specs pc and I was able to play it so kudos to you. Also it seems quite well done. I am curious, what is the market you are targeting and the number of users you have right now? How much time have you spent on this? Taking note that you have also developed the engine in-house. Is this a part time project for you or did you have prior investment?
  8. RelativeNull

    Dynamic HUD

    Hey @Wingnut and @Deltakosh Thanks for the answers, I was pretty much losing hope of an answer . I hadn't noticed the existence of panels in Babylon.GUI, this definitely makes sense. I will give it a try and ask questions here if I have any !!
  9. RelativeNull

    Dynamic HUD

    Hello guys, So I keep progressing with my game. I freezed the new features development until this week to consolidate networking ( which is the hardest part ), now that I feel I am in a good point I am continuing. I am about to implement the inventory system which is this weeks plan, however I believe I will have some difficulties with the GUI elements positioning. For the health bar and mana bar I have done a temporary positioning using margin and padding but definitely it doesn't feel as the correct solution. How would I approach adding and removing skills for example from the skill bar. It must be responsive, also I am using babylon gui library. Any thoughts would be highly appreciated, thanks! Best Regards, RelativeNull.
  10. Hey @Herbert , Can you try with max version ? It should give a better insight. I will however try it later and post here the results.
  11. Hey @santarcade , One note, probably you should mention that this addition is available only in the 3.1 alpha preview. People may be thinking that it is already available in the 3.0 stable version. Also, I saw that you set a default timestep value when one is not ommited through a physic engine. Probably in cases when we don't have a physic engine setup we might still want to change the value. It would make sense in my opinion to have a function say engine.setTimeStep(60.0 / 1000.0) .
  12. Because I believe is the future of gaming. You can have all platforms unified in one. If I want to export for desktop, electron comes to my rescue. If I need it as a mobile app Cordova is the way to go. In any case accessibility is very high and performance is getting better every day.
  13. RelativeNull

    Strategy MMO made with HTML5

    I am sure that the complexity will surprise you. Multiplayer servers are a hard task even for professionals, let alone scalable MMO's which are an order of magnitude more complex. How long have you been working on this? Btw I gave another try to your game. I figured out how to build a wall and a tower ( you need to work on that, I don't think this is the best way UX wise ). I also understood that npc soldiers came to attack me. I didn't understand the purpose of the game and after 5 minutes I became bored so I left. You being a backend developer makes sense why the game lacks so much in UI and UX. You need to work most on the things you lack so to compensate for the rest. Probably I will give it another try later on and provide more feedback for you to use.
  14. Hi @iDev , How many member do you have? Also how many users visit your platform daily? Do you have any statistics you could share?
  15. RelativeNull

    Strategy MMO made with HTML5

    Agreed. You need to have already thought out your server-side architecture the right way for it to be scalable. However I presume you have already thought how to do it .