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  1. Hey @Herbert , Can you try with max version ? It should give a better insight. I will however try it later and post here the results.
  2. Hey @santarcade , One note, probably you should mention that this addition is available only in the 3.1 alpha preview. People may be thinking that it is already available in the 3.0 stable version. Also, I saw that you set a default timestep value when one is not ommited through a physic engine. Probably in cases when we don't have a physic engine setup we might still want to change the value. It would make sense in my opinion to have a function say engine.setTimeStep(60.0 / 1000.0) .
  3. Because I believe is the future of gaming. You can have all platforms unified in one. If I want to export for desktop, electron comes to my rescue. If I need it as a mobile app Cordova is the way to go. In any case accessibility is very high and performance is getting better every day.
  4. Strategy MMO made with HTML5

    I am sure that the complexity will surprise you. Multiplayer servers are a hard task even for professionals, let alone scalable MMO's which are an order of magnitude more complex. How long have you been working on this? Btw I gave another try to your game. I figured out how to build a wall and a tower ( you need to work on that, I don't think this is the best way UX wise ). I also understood that npc soldiers came to attack me. I didn't understand the purpose of the game and after 5 minutes I became bored so I left. You being a backend developer makes sense why the game lacks so much in UI and UX. You need to work most on the things you lack so to compensate for the rest. Probably I will give it another try later on and provide more feedback for you to use.
  5. Hi @iDev , How many member do you have? Also how many users visit your platform daily? Do you have any statistics you could share?
  6. Strategy MMO made with HTML5

    Agreed. You need to have already thought out your server-side architecture the right way for it to be scalable. However I presume you have already thought how to do it .
  7. Strategy MMO made with HTML5

    My idea of MVP is a little different. Basically you choose the basic features you want in your game. Define some alphas and betas for that release and there you have your full release. During the way you add or remove features based on user feedback. I for example am developing a MORPG ( I have taken off the massive here, not my aim in the first release ) for which I have huge features planned. However I am developing the basics which would make my game marketable and am releasing it. I may not add another feature to the game, or I may add features I hadn't thought of, however I do not hold dear to my initial thought features. Whatever I develop after the first release is an extension to the game. However I think it's just a matter of perception I will give your game another try and hopefully be helpful with some other feedback
  8. Authorative server and multiplayer options

    I would love to! Right now I am focused on finishing my game ( which is a big task ) but, as soon as I am done with it, I will see what I can contribute to this amazing framework and community .
  9. Strategy MMO made with HTML5

    Wow, you have quite a long-term plan there . 2.5 years is quite a lot. Are you sure you want such a long time-span ? I would suggest releasing a version with a minimal number of features but it should be a solid version and then add from there. It may be likely that what you have thought isn't something players enjoy so you may pivot during the way. I would focus really on defining a M.V. P ( Minimal viable product ) and then add or remove features later. Also another thing which caught my eye was the definition of M.M.O. M.M.O literally means scalable multiplayer game. So you are already thinking about scaling in a big number of servers world-wide to handle thousands of users right?
  10. Authorative server and multiplayer options

    That makes sense. I understand where you're coming from. Ok, probably ugly is too much but, it can surely get cleaner. In any case, you have done an amazing job there. Thank you for your effort and for this amazing engine
  11. Strategy MMO made with HTML5

    @mansim Hey. So I just checked your game and while I didn't analyze it in depth I can tell you that it has quite a big problem. I didn't understand anything. You should understand that when a user doesn't understand a game, most likely he/she will just leave it rather than try to get information. The "tutorial" in the beginning looked promising but still left me with absolutely no clue on what was going on after it stopped showing pop ups. I did like the battle animations however when the battle ended the interface just got stuck. I needed to close it manually and there was no clue that I should have so I was waiting for 2 minutes to happen something. I understood that in order to create a field there is a timer right? I just moved too fast to create another field just to find that the previous one was not created ( Due to the timer not being finished ). I had no clue that would happen and took me literally 1 minute to figure it out ( which is a lot ! ) What I mentioned was just the UX side of things. On the UI side, the graphics aren't very inviting. the maps don't blend well with one another, it has quite a rough feeling. Probably you have done a very complex game however, I don't think you will gain any users if you don't do major changes. Don't get me wrong I am not trying to discourage you, I am just trying to provide a constructive feedback which hopefully, you will use to improve your game! Cheers!
  12. Authorative server and multiplayer options

    @Deltakosh Amazing, I am very excited to try it out. One note , probably in a second version the xmlhttprequest dependency can be replaced with a nodejs native system file reader ? I understand that you are trying to keep consistency between versions but it still looks a little bit ugly. Still better than with the window and gl dependencies though . @Mythros The problem with "a Babylon.js MMO example" is that it is not a Babylon.js example. A game to become multiplayer needs networking which is not in the scope of babylon.js. Here you have a example using node.js and The basics and concept apply to any render engine be it 3D or 2D. . For a more in-depth understanding of an authoritative server you can have a read or two here : and Hope you find this information helpful.
  13. Authorative server and multiplayer options

    @Deltakosh That is quite amazing! Any idea when it may be complete ? Just wondering whether it will be ready before I publish my game or after, I plan to spend another couple of months before my first alpha. Do you think I will be able to run the server directly with it?
  14. 3d models

    You might also have a look at Also Babylon.js comes with an asset manager incorporated. Ohh and welcome!
  15. Kickin' It : with freestyle masters

    Hey @Francis Davidson , The game is quite nice, graphics also. One note though, probably you should remove the logos cause you might have legal problems as you don't own the rights of using them.