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  1. devAxeon

    videoDome onReady not triggered

    Hi, The onReady function herited by Node in the videoDome class is never triggered. Here is the PG: Many thanks !!
  2. devAxeon

    VR interactions in cubemaps

    Hi @trevordev, Yes, that's perfect ^^ Thank you !!
  3. Hi everyone ! I'm trying to move between two cubemaps with an HTC VIVE. There's two interactions avaibles: Click with the controller on a plane. Use the gaze tracker on this same plane. This two cases works perfectly, but: Controller's ray is blocked by the cube (even with isBlocker = false). gazeTrackerMesh is not visible on my plane. Here is a PG:
  4. devAxeon

    Distance between camera and mesh

    Many thanks @Deltakosh !!
  5. Hi, I need some help for Vector calculation... Here is a playground. I'm looking for the position between the camera and a mesh, but at a fixed distance before the mesh... Many thanks !!
  6. devAxeon

    DebugLayer onChange event

    Done, thank you !
  7. Hi, I'm looking for the same feature as I've already asked for the editor: an "onChange" event, but in DebugLayer. Here is the editor github issue for more details: Is it already possible to do that ? (I can't find how) And if it's not, is it possible to add it ? Thank you !!
  8. devAxeon

    VR camera height

    Teleportation is working for me too on Vive with this PG ! But it doesn't work anymore if I run it again, it explain why it was not working when I have edited your first version.. So.. yes your fix work as well !! Thank you @trevordev !!
  9. devAxeon

    VR camera height

    I tried the Mansion scene, and the teleportation doesn't work in the PG neither. But interactions with GUI and controllers works fine.. It look like it doesn't reconize the floor mesh..
  10. devAxeon

    VR camera height

    I'm using htc vive and firefox. I'm teleporting with gamepads. I can't test in PG because I can't make teleportation work inside it... I don't know why... Even with: helper.enableTeleportation({floorMeshName: ground}); But yes, you correctly understood my issue. For example: if I was developping a game like a FPS, I can play seated, but in my game, I want to be in standing view...
  11. devAxeon

    VR camera height

    Hi, How about an option in vrHelper to force the height of the camera, even if isInVRMode is true ? I'm testing my scene seated, but I want to be in a stanted view inside my VR. So it will be nice if we have a forceDefaultHeight option in webVROptions, to always be standing Thank you !!
  12. devAxeon

    VR teleportation mesh

    Great, thank you !
  13. devAxeon

    VR teleportation mesh

    Hi, First, great job for the VR's implementation !! It's incrediblely simple and it works perfectly !! I would like to customize the mesh created in the "_createTeleportationCircles" function. Is it possible to have an option to do it ? (Or can I already do it ?) Many thanks !!
  14. Hi, Is it normal that declaring a second AdvancedDynamicTexture disable the isPointerBlocker on the controls of the first one ? Playground here Thanks