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  1. fromCanvas as texture

    @ivan.popelyshev Thank for the help! I solved this problem by the two-dimension array for "rt"
  2. fromCanvas as texture

    Also, the easiest way to me seems like to render multiple containers, and then just blend them, but I didn't find how to do this. app.renderer.render(containerRed, rt[1 - current]); app.renderer.render(containerGreen, rt[1 - current]); app.renderer.render(containerBlue, rt[1 - current]);
  3. fromCanvas as texture

    @ivan.popelyshev Sorry for bothering you again :-) But I think you know answers for all PIXI questions :-) I made three containers with different RGB channels and applied for last two blend mode to achieve "normal" picture. But now I'm struggling how to snap all 3 containers into one. Might be I need to create the fourth container and capture all 3 containers into 4, but how? :-) Or use pixiRGBsplitFilter and mask it somehow :-) Might be you know in which direction I need to dig? Thank you! I trying to achieve some kind of this effect
  4. fromCanvas as texture

    @ivan.popelyshev Thank you again. I have nooby questions to better understand what's going on in code :-) Could you some things when you will have time. I marked questions on the picture below. 1) It's array where we push updated texture on mouse move? 2) We are pushing new textures here, but why i<2 ? 3) Why we need this current var? 4) Is it a texture for the very first canvas loading? 5) Here we are rendering updated texture? Thank you!
  5. fromCanvas as texture

    @ivan.popelyshev Thank you for your help! It's exactly what I need. Maybe I will ask some additional questions later. Also, I changed displacement texture and set up translation from the mouse direction to displacement scale to regulate brush rotation angle
  6. fromCanvas as texture

    @ivan.popelyshev Thank very much :-) I'll try your code tonight.
  7. fromCanvas as texture

    @ivan.popelyshev Many thanks! I will be waiting, even a clue or direction in which way I need to dig will be great :-) UPD. Sorry, I attached the wrong pen above that's why I removed it. I don't know why but my pen wasn't saved :-) This is right pen :-)
  8. fromCanvas as texture

    @ivan.popelyshev I tried to use update method but stuck on an empty canvas, when I trying to capture it. Even with this approach I'm getting blank canvas without rendered elements.
  9. fromCanvas as texture

    Thank you, I will :-)
  10. fromCanvas as texture

    Hello, guys! Who could help me with that issue? I want to update canvas background texture with a new image capturing full canvas with all elements trough reguestainmationframe on mousedown (bake canvas to image and replace the old texture with new bake canvas texture every time) achieve some kind of "smudge tool" like in Photoshop. But when I trying to call fromCanvas method I get an only black rectangle. I'm a little confused I mixed up something, but don't know what. Thank you!