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  1. I think of it this way I want to make a game for web browsers (javascript) and it has to be multiplayer in addition to the game, I need a server Why do I have to create a server if I can run the javascript on nodejs? Yes, what you say is true: "running the game only server-side is effective against cheaters[...]", that's exactly what i want to do, but "[...]if you can guarantee low latency while streaming an audio/video feed" not necessarily, because I will have all the game on the client side too. And Laghacking, if you are playing in a console and voluntarily release the joystick, only you lose. the same here. it's my vision, I don't want to make a mmorpg or some huge production, I just want to avoid developing two times (server and client), and if I can gain a bit of security, much better.
  2. Yes I know but each of them has a logic for the server side and another one for the game itself, for example Contra 2000 uses a server in java. Another option is use a server just to synchronize events like Node-Mayhem , but that generates many problems in the gameplay (if there is a lag) and it is very easy to cheat. that's why I have the idea of running the logic of the game on the client and the same on the server, I'm not sure if I'm explaining it well, but I'm sure it's a good idea. and indeed the idea is not use "alwaysUpdate", instead make the server use a default size, and now that I say I think it is not so complicated, I will create a plugin or something and I will show them regards
  3. hi everyone I want to make a online game, so I need to run the game at the same time in local (browser) and on a server (nodejs), on the server, all the code must be executed, except the canvas rendering. any clue where to start? PD: the biggest problem I see is that the objects that leave the screen, by default are no longer evaluated.