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  1. I have a template to configure minimal angular with babylonjs which also includes the npm packages and how to reference the ts api from your ng ts files. If I find my free time again I will upload it for the forum. In fact you can easily expand this to make a HTML tags/element based Dom model api for babylonjs. And you can combine both Dom style and procedural approach. I am not much of Dom person so I never bother going there even though it's really not too hard to do it. Yes the webpack dev server is best for dev env. It autobuilds and auto refreshes the browser for debug build. No need to configure gulp/grunt etc.
  2. HoloLite

    3.3 Feature list

    I know the bjs team is already busy working on the next release. 😀 Do we have a list for the 3.3 features ? Tentative list is ok.
  3. FYI, I am not using webpack directly. Instead I am using angular which uses webpack under the hood. With angular it is quite easy to configure both release and debug build (which allows fast build and watch + auto browser refresh).
  4. So glad to hear this great feedback. I was in similar situations where I had to decide between aframe vs babylonjs. It's true there is still a lot of silly anti Microsoft sentiments in the IT world, but yes we have to be smart to see through (the dirty) politics. 😃
  5. HoloLite

    //Build 2018

    It was last week... but felt like yesterday. It was my pleasure to meet the 2 David's and other members (trevor, sebavan, gary, saurabh, szeyin, et all) in person! I am using this pic for the Wikipedia page I am working on. From spare-time development 5 years ago to having its own official booth in msbuild 2018. What a journey! Congrats again. And... keep up the good work. 😀
  6. HoloLite

    //Build 2018

    I had the fortunate opportunity to meet the babylonjs team at msbuild. Wonderful team!
  7. So I tried again today with the latest win 10 creator update. I am using winmr headset/controllers with Chrome browser running on the Steamvr (over winmr). Yes the controller showed up! But....wait... it's not the winmr controller, it's the VIVE controller mesh!! I guess Google still has no love for Microsoft.😁
  8. HoloLite

    WebVR starting with enableVR()

    If the user is actually wearing the headset, you can start webvr automatically by listening to the vrdisplayactive. The code looks like the following: window.addEventListener('vrdisplayactivate', () => { vrHelper.enterVR(); }); The supermedium browser will need you to automatically start webvr once the user puts on the headset. The behavior for each browser is different though. This is the observations I noticed: - Supermedium honors this event always. - Firefox honors this event but you do need to click that button (to give the permission) once in the beginning. Imo this is the correct behavior. - Edge seems to ignore it :)
  9. I guess the questions are for @brianzinn or anyone else who knows :) Now that 3.2 is officially out and does have the basic support for gearVR, I am really eager to try it on. 1. So tried my app on the GearVR, but the controller does not show up. It works on winmr and vive btw. Do I need to do anything special ? 2. Which of the observables are currently supported ? In particular I am using the following four. Please let me know which one(s) are supported. I believe the GearVR does not have menu button, so that one is probably not available, but the touchpad values and button are needed. this._vrHelper.onControllerMeshLoadedObservable.add((controller: BABYLON.WebVRController, eventState: BABYLON.EventState) => { controller.onMenuButtonStateChangedObservable.add((eventData: BABYLON.ExtendedGamepadButton, eventState: BABYLON.EventState) => { // do something... }); controller.onTouchpadValuesChangedObservable.add((stickValue: BABYLON.StickValues, eventState: BABYLON.EventState) => { // do something... }); controller.onTouchpadButtonStateChangedObservable.add((gamepadButton: BABYLON.ExtendedGamepadButton, eventState: BABYLON.EventState) => { // do something... }); } Btw, I really look forward to testing babylonjs webvr app on the new OculusGo. The oculus and Samsung browsers seem to have pretty good support for webvr. I am hoping the bjs controller support for gearvr would work for Go as well.
  10. HoloLite

    Babylon.js v3.2 is out

    So this texture atlas is only for the framework internal use. I was hoping it is intended for user's use cases. As you know if we open too many texture files (png or jpg), this will create texture collisions which in theory will increase draw calls. Combining those texture files into a single atlas file is supposed to reduce the texture collision (and draw calls subsequently).
  11. HoloLite

    Babylon.js v3.2 is out

    Yes tons of new features. Great release and congrats to the BabylonJS team ! Regarding the new texture atlas feature, is this internal to the engine? Or do we need to call the api explicitly?
  12. HoloLite

    How to use custom mesh for vr controller

    Ok, I will look into this. Thanks.
  13. A couple of questions on this topic: - I believe bjs supports gltf/draco compressions. How do you compress a given glb or gltf files ? What compression tool can we use ? - Does the .Babylon format support compression? I am still sticking with this format as Babylon->gltf conversion still does not work reliably. Thank you.
  14. I believe it is possible to use your own custom mesh for the vr controller as I saw posting of @davrous's laser saber babylonjs game. I don't see any babylonjs docs for this though, if anyone can point me where to start, perhaps some sample codes, I would appreciate it. Thanks,
  15. HoloLite

    Babylon v3.2 entering frozen time

    I just saw the rc label taken off on npm server. Is 3.2 official now ? 🤪