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  1. Animation weights

    This is very cool feature. Lots of good stuff going into 3.2 release.
  2. 3dsMax exporter: does it support v-ray ?

    Thanks for the response. That is too bad. A lot of really cool looking scene are using vray and we can't export it for bjs project.
  3. Can the max exporter export max project which uses vray ? If it does not, will it simply abort the entire export or gracefully downgrade to something else ? I checked the exporter doc, it did not seem to mention anything about vray. thank you.
  4. I thought I was able to reproduce it yesterday, but today I no longer can So don't worry about this. I will marked this as solved. If I see it again, I will report it.
  5. @trevordev Thanks for the info! I will do this approach for now. Going forward, will babylon add this support or do I need to keep using the pep.js ?
  6. Will try tomorrow with chrome. This impacts only certain videos. I will create the repro pg.
  7. When running on firefox/supermedium, the sound of the VideoDome object that has been disposed can still be heard. So after calling dispose, the video is gone, which is good, but the sound is still there, which is not expected. Note: Edge does not have this issue. I don't know if this is the browser or bjs bug, but someone should probably take a look. thanks
  8. Great, you found the issue. I will try the work around. Thanks!
  9. Running babylonjs webvr on hololens

    It is kinda mystery
  10. It's only running locally here unfortunately. I will try to create a PG that can repro this. Will let you know.
  11. Running babylonjs webvr on hololens

    I think he's right. So I did a little test by checking the navigator.getVRDisplays and this returns null, which means no webvr 1.1. The navigator.getVRDevices also returns null, which probably means this is even pre webvr 1.0 ?
  12. How do you teleport in vive/steamvr ?

    Fyi, I am able to repro this on my sample apps on the vive. This bug appears to be introduced in alphaB. It was working in alphaA
  13. Running babylonjs webvr on hololens

    Upon further check, webvr.info says the browser does not support webvr. It's weird aframe managed to get it working. Anyway, this thread is moot point now.
  14. I am getting this exception when I click the trigger button on the Firefox/Vive/Steam platform. Note that this works fine on same machine with Supermedium browser (Supermedium/Vive/Steam stack). And certainly runs fine with Edge/WinMR hmd. The impacted code snippet follows: this._vrHelper.onControllerMeshLoadedObservable.add((c: BABYLON.WebVRController, eventState: BABYLON.EventState) => { console.log('>>>> onControllerMeshLoadedObservable'); let controller = <BABYLON.WindowsMotionController>c; controller.onMenuButtonStateChangedObservable.add((eventData: BABYLON.ExtendedGamepadButton, eventState: BABYLON.EventState) => { this.menuButtonObserver(controller, eventState); }); controller.onTriggerButtonStateChangedObservable.add((eventData: BABYLON.ExtendedGamepadButton, eventState: BABYLON.EventState) => { this.triggerButtonObserver(controller, eventState); }); controller.onTouchpadValuesChangedObservable.add((stickValue: BABYLON.StickValues, eventState: BABYLON.EventState) => { this.touchpadValueObserver(stickValue, eventState); }); controller.onTouchpadButtonStateChangedObservable.add((gamepadButton: BABYLON.ExtendedGamepadButton, eventState: BABYLON.EventState) => { this.touchpadButtonObserver(gamepadButton, eventState); }); console.log('<<<< onControllerMeshLoadedObservable'); }); This is kinda bizarre as supermedium and firefox are supposed to be similar. Don't know if this is babylonjs issue or firefox issue, if anyone knows please let me know. And here is the console log errors on FireFox:
  15. This question is for @Deltakosh I am using the insider preview build of HoloLens (official build) and able to run the aframe samples webvr using Edge on the HoloLens. The babylonjs won't run though. Note that there is a newer version of build HoloLens (unofficial one) where one confirmed babylonjs can run fine. (Unfortunately I did not bring my HoloLens at the summit to receive the update). I guess my question is why is it that on this older build only aframe can run but not Babylon ? This older Edge certainly supports webvr. Although this is not webxr yet, it's pretty exciting to see webvr app can run on the HoloLens now.