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  1. Ball genius [android]

    Hello everybody! I'm proud to showcase the first game of my new compagny from france. you need accuracy and reflexion to complete all levels, each chapter brings a new element of gameplay. You can hope for gold medal if you do the less bounces possible. gold medals = new skins. i've made a website with a demo of the game: www.kosmoon-studio.com and you can download the full game for free on the play store: Ball Genius thank's in advance for playing you can mail me at: ballgenius@kosmoon-studio.com
  2. Kickin' It : with freestyle masters

    lol nice idea i can see it having good success on mobile, it's simple but addictive
  3. [WIP][Phaser] They Are Everywhere!

    good luck on that project, that looks cool, we need to see more to know more about the gameplay but its graphicaly attractive . I understand you on the "cool part" of being solo dev, it's exactly the same for me, i'm working alone too and will showcase it soon, versatility kills boredom. sorry for my english i google translate some words
  4. gunfight.io

    what a great idea, fast game worked perfectly, i quickly got the gameplay, great work!
  5. [Phaser] Copter Rescue

    this is a great game, addictivly good, nice job
  6. [Phaser] Learn Japanese with games!

    magnificent idea!
  7. nice concept!
  8. very nice look and impressive work, are you alone on that project? i must agree phaser is super cool, i didn't know you can do isometric graphics that nice with it.
  9. Greeble, a #js13k entry

    i was kinda lost on what to do at the begining but when i understood, i found it's a good concept that can be pushed far and become aswome with procedural/rogue like levels, a lot of diffrents random body parts. colisions with fuels do not happen some times.
  10. awsome initiative, best of luck!
  11. very complete and nice tutorial, big thanks