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  1. Different gravity for different meshes

    Thanks for every advice. @Arte Setting inital velocity is good and easy hack for some cases. @brianzinn I think that is exactly the problem of Oimo. Oimo is physics in vaccum - everythink is falling with same acceleration. @Pryme8 Perfect hack!
  2. Hi, Can I somehow (with physics plugin Oimo.js) set different gravity for different meshes? For example I want to simulate environment in water and I want to have there buoyancy. Thanks a lot for your advice.
  3. BABYLON.Texture coverage uScale,vScale

    Thanks! That was exactly what I needed. And now I better understand how textures and meshes works.
  4. Hi, I have some questions about BABYLON.Texture. I have a bricks texture, a big house and a small chimney. I want one brick to be the same size on a house and on a chimney. I can set size of the texture by uScale,vScale, but I would not like to create a special texture for every mesh as I suppose it would be very inefficient. Can a Babylon texture cover the area by size instead of percentage? Best comparsion of my problem is comparing with css background-size: CSS background-size: 100% 100%; is like uScale=1 and vScale=1 in Babylon. Is there anything like background-size:100px 100px; in Babylon? Thanks a lot for your advice.
  5. Vibrations in Babylon.js + Oimo.js

    Thanks, Now I understand what is happening much better.
  6. Hi, I'm making the game using the Babylon.js and Oimo.js. I want to put cubes one to the other and create bigger buildings - just like wooden domino or jenga cubes in real world. But if I put a lot of cubes one to the other, they will start to shake and the whole building will collapse. I can not figure out why this is happening? Can I somehow get rid of this vibration? Thanks a lot for your advice.