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  1. botmaster

    How to handle WebGL poor performance

    Thanks for responding, I'd like to avoid 2 and 3 if possible since it takes time and might result in a weird experience for the user. For 1, I could see an automatic system where the app detects the bad rendering and log the browser and device name with a webservice so that this device/browser combination is then blocked. 4. what do you mean viewports setup?
  2. botmaster

    How to handle WebGL poor performance

    I published a good dozen apps based on pixi, those apps do handle automatically their fps and resolution based on overall performance so they adjust themselves to the performance of the device. The system also handle just fine when the browser doesn't have any webgl available. Now this being said, there are browsers that do have webgl but apparently a very weak version where all webgl operations are slow and fairly limited in what it can handle, it that case my apps run at very low fps and even eventually crash the browser after a few minutes. My question is, what is the best way to handle this? I would rather detect those problems at the start and then either try a graphic2d solution or just not display the app and ask the user to choose a different browser but what should I be looking for in the webgl implementation to decide this? Should I start by timing webgl operations and take a decision if those operations are too slow? Or should I look for specific parameters in webgl that would tell me already this is gonna be too slow? What is a good clue(s) in webgl parameters that this webgl version is gonna be awful? Is there some additional tips with webgl pixi besides fps handling and resolution handling that could get some extra fps even in those situations? Anyway thanks for any insights.
  3. botmaster

    Keep child at original scale

    one parent: - child sprite < can scale - child text I don't see what's the big deal here?
  4. botmaster

    Custom renderer plugin - render at lower resolution

    You'll have to take a look at the shader and see why it behaves that way, maybe that shader allows you to set a uniform to lower resolution or maybe you need to make your own and make a custom renderer.
  5. botmaster

    Custom renderer plugin - render at lower resolution

    No it's not the natural webgl behavior, the texture sampling loop is based on whatever data you pass to your shaders and how your shaders handle that data, the size of the canvas is irrelevant, you are in complete control on how your shaders work and sample your textures.
  6. botmaster

    Keep child at original scale

    That's kind of my point, the first thing to do should be to determine if this is that kind of complex situation where no easy solution can be found or if this is just because the user is unaware that using another parent would be a viable solution. solution.
  7. botmaster

    Keep child at original scale

    Sincerely if in your code you end up having a child of a parent that shouldn't inherit parent transform then it should probably not be a child of the parent in the first place. This sounds like trying to find an expensive and complex solution to what really is a logic flow to start with. The obvious solution is this, if the parent transform should not be applied to the child then the child is with the wrong parent. Make a parent that doesn't have the problematic transform and add the child to it.
  8. botmaster

    Pixi-Sound vs Howler

    I see, that's an interesting approach. Due to the specific needs of our applications we had to take the opposite road and develop full WebAudioAPI features and then degrade as gracefully as possible on IE. Our market is 70% Chrome and 15% IE and then the rest and our tester team is always providing good feedbacks on our sound API so our sound api is pretty solid and we can always update on the fly if needed.
  9. You could probably make a clone of the graphics fragment source and implement gradient in there.
  10. botmaster

    Pixi-Sound vs Howler

    I made my own, it's actually more fun (and not that hard) to do and you have complete control and I implemented sound streaming which doesn't seem available anywhere. Note that while all those public framework claim support for IE they always forget to say in IE you will have a lot less features available since there's no WebAudioAPI on IE
  11. It's not cumbersome and inefficient, why would it be? Swapping your spritesheet might actually be a lot more inefficient.
  12. botmaster

    Graphic circle positioning

    Those graphics align just fine up until you move them < now this is a clue to help you find the solution yourself. If you stop your code just after you add those 2 graphics on the stage then you always get perfect align, if you let your code go further then you lose the align. That should really help you figure that out.
  13. botmaster

    ParticleContainer Color Glitch

    For TweenMax this is just a number that you are tweening, it can't know if this is a hex color that you are tweening to and from. The common way of tweening hex color in tween engines that support it is by passing a string instead or by the use of specific plugins. If tweenmax supports it try to pass your color as a string, if it doesn't I'm sure there's a plugin that you can activate in there that is meant to do just that.
  14. botmaster

    best libs for camera and easing ?

    It's kinda weird to ask a question and answer it one hour later ... I don't use greensock stuff mainly because of his licensing model. Before using greensock stuff I recommend to read carefully and understand very well his licensing.
  15. botmaster

    Please help me with the memory leak bug

    yeah all that texture creation seems suspicious.