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  1. wallinator

    Help with phaser update for my project

    Thank you Samid. My problem is I do not know in which of my files I must have the different phaser functions. Right now I do not have any of the Phaser functions inside the file I am changning. I have searched and read countless examples, but I have no idea how to go about thinking generally about phaser and it's functions. I am using alot of sprites and the easy, intuitive stuff already of course. But when it comes to where and when and why regarding different functions like update, I don't know when to include it, when not to etc..
  2. I have been working alot of hours on a menu based mini-rpg and I have been using a normal "setInterval" JS function for my battle loop. Now when I need to add sprite timed movement to the game inside of that loop I think I need / want to use phaser update instead. The issue is I do not really understand it (or Phasers modules themselves) in a really good way and don't know what to do. I have searched for someone that can help out with anything in Phaser for about 2 years without success. Thank you for any help.