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  1. Device Scaling Resolution

    This is what I mean.
  2. Device Scaling Resolution

    I am. But that is not the behavior I want. You can test it with the default playground environment. I am expecting the camera radius to increase rather than the whole scene to scale up just like in game engines such as Unity. (I tested it with my laptop and my tv, the whole scene scales up and the html stuff looks really tiny next to the scene)
  3. Hello, I have my canvas stretching 100% width and height of the page. When running it in a small resolution screen and in a big resolution screen, the whole thing is scaled up. Is there any simple way to simple increase the radius of the camera based on the device resolution instead of having everything scale up? (Everything stays the same size just like regular html elements)
  4. GUI Text Improvements

    Here, this is the kind of solution I proposed. Maybe we could have something similar on the babylonjs side... just a suggestion. This is just a simple example of the system I built.
  5. GUI Image

    Managed to fix it setting the background image's alphaIndex to 0.
  6. GUI Image

    I was not able to reproduce this in the playground. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this darkening effect on the GUI text? The GUI text is drawn on planes and the GUI image below it is about 5 units away. Also, the image is a svg, but I also tried with png and the same thing happens. The scene also has fog... and a clear color of that blue on the background. If I rotate the camera, the text will randomly lightup/darken on certain parts of the GUI image below it even though they are far apart on the Y plane. Could this be a bug?
  7. GUI Text Improvements

    Sorry, I posted the wrong one... I guess the one I did didn't save. Here's the right one.
  8. GUI Text Improvements

    Here, This is a basic example, you can see how it takes a few seconds to instantiate everything.. in my use case, I have 3 different types of fonts and about the same amount of texts.
  9. GUI Text Improvements

    It's pretty simple to repro. What I mean is that I am trying to generate 100+ dynamic texts with a few different fonts and depending on the amount, it can take up to 30+ seconds. Even if I offset the generation of each by a few milliseconds, it still drops the fps quite a bit. The dynamic resolution is 256x256 btw.
  10. Is your canvas full screen or does it have an offset? pointerX and pointerY might not be having the right coordinates.
  11. GUI Text Improvements

    Hello, I am making this post to discuss possible improvements to the GUI text system. Right now, when generating new text, it can be very slow if you have a lot of it in the screen. One clear improvement would be to pre-generate (or cache) each letter as an object and just generate instances of that object, which turns out to be very very very fast. However, that is not very easy to do as letter spacing can be a hard thing to manage when positioning each letter next to each other. Is there any easy way this could be improved in the babylonjs side to increase GUI text creation speed? Or is there any other solutions for this problem?
  12. GUI Font Color White

    Sorry, that value worked for me in my local project. For the playground one, you need another value.. I believe shadowBlur value is related to the font size. Here is the fixed version.
  13. GUI Font Color White

    Btw, I found a work around Set the shadowBlur to 1 and shadowColor to #FFF. These are properties of a Control, you can just set them on the TextBlock.
  14. GUI Font Color White

    This seems to be related to only white texts, so there's no way around this issue?
  15. GUI Font Color White