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  1. BabylonJS GUI

    Hello, What is the latest version of babylonjs GUI? I installed babylonjs-dist 3.0.7 with bower and have been using that, but the GUI that comes with that package doesn't seem to be updated to the latest. I say that because I am not able to change fontStyle and fontFamily of a TextBlock on my project, but on the babylonjs playground I am able to. I'd appreciate any help.
  2. Jagged Lines on Diagonal Edges of Mesh

    Thanks man, that solved my problem.
  3. Hello, I noticed some jagged edges on the diagonal lines. Is there any way to get rid of them? I have tried using the ffxa post processing, but it still does not remove them completely. Why do they even occur? It's just a straight line. Sorry if I can't give any more input in this issue, but my knowledge of graphics is limited. Here's a babylonjs playground example. Attached is a screenshot of how it looks in the scene of my project. The diagonal lines don't look very appealing for a production ready project.