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  1. bjarked

    Ajax inside phaser not working

    Just remove this topic, the problem was with visual code. for some reason, it had not saved some changes in the PHP file even though it claims that the file was saved. Might have something to do with have to files with the same name, located to different places, messing up the save function i don't know. But everything works fine now, and it had nothing to do with phaser
  2. bjarked

    Ajax inside phaser not working

    Hello I'm just trying to get a simple ajax function to work inside phaser just to play around with it. But I can't seem to get it to work. The function is just supposed to send two variables to PHP and get back a sentence where those two variables are part of it. But I only get the basic sentence back. And I have tried to use the function outside phaser with just an onclick bottom function, and their it works fine. So it must have something to do with phaser. heres the code in phaser And here is the php I have a sprite where i use the events.onInputDown.add function. But i only get While when i just use a botton in html and plane javascript i get