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  1. This subtle sub-category under Coding and Game Design isn't quiet fair. THREE deserves a own category.
  2. Of course, it's pointless to ask such a question here, it should have been asked at least in "Cording and Game Design", but anyway @Art Vandelay you should probably try and play with the examples of both to see what you prefer. THREE has a clearly separated render engine core, from all the libs and modules you can plug in for things like drag & drop. Basically everything you find in the feature list of Bablyon is also offered by THREE, but you should try and play around yourself, every fanboy will only suggest you their preference. I tested both, but i also only use THREE as render engine for a custom game engine. I would prefer the beer from München anyway, since i'm from Ulm
  3. I would recommend THREE, i'm using it for years now and also tried Babylon.
  4. I'm wondering why THREE.js isn't listed as category here. It is one of the 2 most common 3D frameworks besides Babylon.