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  1. Canvas size did not change after setUserScale

    Hi @davestephans, Just a quick question, what is the exact resolutions you are testing on? It's working on resolutions lower than the max one you specified, right? Because, going over this "if": if((GAME_MAX_WIDTH/windowWidth) > (GAME_MAX_HEIGHT/windowHeight)) { scaleFactor = (windowWidth / GAME_MAX_WIDTH); } else { scaleFactor = (windowHeight / GAME_MAX_HEIGHT); } If you are testing on resolution 1920x1080, then the "scaleFactor" will always be set to 1, and therefore you would be calling: mainGame.scale.setUserScale(1, 1); Which wouldn't actually resize the screen. Would that be the case?
  2. Sprite jitters if camera moves with it

    Hi guys, I've had help on this issue, and it's corrected now. Basically, what needed to be done was: this.game.renderer.renderSession.roundPixels = false; this.game.camera.roundPx = false; And, in the Phaser.Game constructor: antialias: false Thanks!
  3. Sprite jitters if camera moves with it

    Hello! I'm developing a simple 2D platformer with low res pixel art (canvas of size 144x81 pixels), and I noticed that when I move the sprite horizontally but enough to make the camera follow it, there's some jittering ocurring with the sprite. Here's the link (just pass the "main screen" clicking on START): https://danielklava.github.io/1-minute-left/ Could a kind soul give some assistance? I pay with internets. Thanks a lot!