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  1. rorymcg

    P2 sprite collision group pain

    Haha that is ironic >_< I was probably being a bit overly critical of a free library... just shows how once someone (in this case, me) gets something for free they expect the world! Thanks again
  2. rorymcg

    P2 sprite collision group pain

    THANK YOU. I just downloaded phaser.min.js 2.9.1 and it fixed everything. I'm kind of pissed off I spent that much time trying to figure something out when it was a massive live defect but I'm mostly grateful for this community (you, Samid737) and phaser's library working with a patch. I would recommend the Phaser team to be more vocal with their fundamental hotfixes.... Or am I missing something in terms of their release exposure?
  3. rorymcg

    P2 sprite collision group pain

    Hi all, Been banging my head against the wall for ages with this. Default P2 collision works, I clearShapes() on each sprite to get rid of these boundary boxes and loadPolygon() to get my custom boundaries (defined in sprite_physics.json). However the collision groups appear not to be working as my player sprite goes straight through/under the enemy. Can anyone see where I'm going wrong? // in index.html (function() { var game = new Phaser.Game(1024, 768, Phaser.AUTO, null) game.state.add('Game', Game); game.state.start('Game'); })(); // in game.js var Game = function (game) { }; Game.prototype = { preload: function () {'player', 'assets/player.png');'enemy', 'assets/enemy.png');'sprite_physics', 'assets/sprite_physics.json'); }, create: function () {; this.playerCollisionGroup =; this.enemyCollisionGroup =; this.createPlayer(); this.createEnemy(); }, update: function () { // <snip> do some steering stuff </snip> }, createPlayer: function () { this.player =, + 300, 'player');, true); // so I can see the polygon's boundaries // Gets rid of current bounding box this.player.body.clearShapes(); // BUT THEN need to add collision cos default p2 collision is wiped with clearShapes() // Add boundary shape from PhysicsEditor this.player.body.loadPolygon('sprite_physics', 'player'); // Seems to do nothing :( this.player.body.setCollisionGroup(this.playerCollisionGroup); this.player.body.collides([ this.enemyCollisionGroup ]); }, createEnemy: function () { this.enemy =,, 'enemy');, true); this.enemy.body.clearShapes(); this.enemy.body.loadPolygon('sprite_physics', 'enemy'); this.enemy.body.setCollisionGroup(this.enemyCollisionGroup); this.enemy.body.collides([ this.playerCollisionGroup ]); } }