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  1. Thanks. I do have a power inverter, 1500-3000 watts, that I hook up to a car that we can't run on the streets (long story). But we only use that for about 5 hours a day and that's when I usually work when the electric is gone. But it would be ideal if during that time I could charge up my laptop or 2-in-1 or whatever and then be able to use it for another 6-8 hours. I would really like to get myself a brand new device this time, and since I can spend around 1000 on it, I would like it to be a nice one with relatively recent and decent specs, ports, and battery life. I do understand that battery claims from manufacturers are just not real but I have read plenty of reviews for newer devices that can handle rather demanding apps like photo shop ( which I don't use at all ) and still give you a days of work worth of battery. A 15 inch laptop or even a 13 inch one are starting to look like great options too. I am seriously considering a Dell XPS either 13 or 15. The current models have all of the horse power and every port one could ask for and they certainly don't feel flimsy on the hands plus the battery life is among the best on any device. I tried a similar and cheaper HP Envy 13 with 8th gen intel side by side and it felt like it was ready to fall apart and I was afraid to get cut by the edges on the thing. The 17 inch model didn't appeal to me at all.
  2. Anybody? Here is what I need to know: Can these things really replace your Windows laptop/desktop/tablet and and be your all in one solution? I need them all but only have money for 1 and I really don't want another Android device ( don't care about iOS). Is the battery life as good as they claim? Is 12 inches too big for a tablet? Those type covers, are they any good for programming? I couldn't care less about the pen but, does it have any use for a developer? How do they handle when hooked up to a monitor? If you care about stories read on... WHY I NEED BOTH While my laptop is still doing its job fine, it doesn't have a screen so It isn't mobile at all plus its really old and even if it had a screen the battery wont last more than an hour. I dropped my Nexus 7(2013) and the screen cracked and the digitizer with it and it wouldn't work so I got really mad and threw it away. Now that was beyond stupid, I know, the thing is more expensive now than when it first came out! WHAT IT IS THAT I AM LOOKING FOR All day battery life: I live in Puerto Rico and just got my electric back 5 days ago after more than 60 days without. This hurricane thing could happen here every year and the electric will go even before the hurricane hits. Windows OS: I am a GameMaker: Studio user and that requires Windows. Even if it worked on either Linux or Mac ( or Android or iOS ) I still wouldn't go that way. It has to be Windows. Portability Long Lasting: As in good internal components ( 8th gen Intel CPU?) and port selection that wont be obsolete next year. I can't buy a new toy every other year, whatever I get will have to run with me for a very long time ( or till I drop it ) Within the 1000 budget WHAT I DON'T CARE ABOUT Gaming: I love gaming but it makes me unproductive (and yet I make games for a living...). Insanely high resolution screens: 1080p should be more than enough. I am not an artist and I have to buy a monitor anyways. Not to mention the impact on battery life. Really good audio: Any audio at all should suffice. Headphones. Cameras: Never use them. Cosmetics: It doesn't have to be the thinnest or the lightest. Huge vessels around the screen do bother me a bit. i7: GameMaker Studio and most other things I use are not so demanding but I don't want a slug (or something that will quickly become one) either. Buying it right now: I don't have to. I AM CONSIDERING ONE OF THESE SURFACE CLONES: Lenovo Miix 520 (intel 8th gen - no reviews yet - starting at 1000 ) Acer Switch 5 ( better bang for the buck without completely sucking? - about 800 ) Eve V (unproven yet promising but those cpu choices... starting at 800) Any suggestions? What about those upcoming ARM based Windows devices coming soon? Worth waiting? I never thought buying a new gig would be such a pain. Shouldn't I just be happy that I can finally get me a new toy? Too many options...
  3. AAG batch of games #3

    Thank you very much! Might give studio 2 a try.
  4. AAG batch of games #3

    Here is my third batch of games. I don't know why I don't post these as I make them or even before I finish them to get feedback but here they are: Robot Islands 2 The exclusive sequel to Robot Islands playable only on abcya.com PLAY Joe Lost Another abcya.com exclusive. Build stuff around Joe to help him reach the exit. PLAY Adventure Tom Help Tom grab the key and get the treasure. PLAY Blue Turn Here is an experimental thing. Flip the tiles over to turn them blue. There is an Easy Edition too. PLAY Robot Islands Plus Another Robot Islands game with some new surprises. PLAY Boxed A refresh of one my oldest html5 games now with my signature graphics style , sound, music, and more levels! PLAY Feed that Thing Another refresh for one of my older games now with my signature graphics style , sound, music, and more levels! PLAY I think that's it for now. If I missed something my catalog is at www.gamesaag.com. All games, except the abcya.com exclusives, are up for non-exclusive licensing. All of the music is made by Brother Android. I hope you guys enjoy some of these games. All feedback is welcome. Will try to be more diligent on posting new games in the future Note to GameMaker: Studio users: These where all made on GameMaker: Studio 1.4.1763. I keep using this version because the newer versions all seem to introduce more problems than solutions. And there is also the iOS 10.3 issue that wasn't fixable on later versions either. Do you guys recommend a newer version? How about GameMaker: Studio 2? How is the HTML5 on that? Is it really worth it? I appreciate your help.
  5. Yeah, GameMaker does crazy stuff like that. I did report the bug but by the time I got a reply I had already "solved" the problem. As for the graphics, my games have a single set of assets and are very low res so they will probably only scale up. I do not use pixel interpolation and set webgl to auto detect. As for scaling I use a modified version of the method shown on the yoyo tutorials. I have always had a bit of artifacts is just that with some games and devices they are more annoying than others. I'll try that next time for sure. Thanks.
  6. I "solved" the issue. I am not really sure what it is but all I had to do was change the actions on the object that handles scaling from the step event to the end step event. Apparently on mobile browsers events do not take place in the same order as desktop browsers, or the step event itself, or instance_deactivate/activate actions or any combination. The point is that whatever it was its "fixed" now. If I could just get rid of this graphics artifacts I'll be very happy but I am quiet content as it is.
  7. The problem is strictly related to GameMaker: Studio and the instance_deactivate function.
  8. Browser. Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Same issue on all devices.
  9. Today I was testing a new project and it was working fine on PC but when I tested on Android the graphics where blurred or with artifacts and there was certain errors like object instances not deactivating ( a Game Maker thing that suspends instances rather than destroying them ), objects not being destroyed etc. So I thought maybe it was just the new project but when I tested everything else on my portfolio same issues. I tried a variety of Android devices old and new with different versions of Android and issues persisted. Finally I went to my one IOS device, the ipod touch 4, and the same thing. Anyone having this? I am a GameMaker: Studio user BTW. My portfolio is at www.gamesaag.com if anyone wants to see what I'm talking about.
  10. I recently recompiled all of my HTML5 games on the latest stable version of GM: Studio 1.4.1763 and also had to upload to a new host since Dropbox wont do anymore. I choose a free host suggested on the GM website together with Filezilla it seems to be working OK. Now the issue that I am having is that, on some devices, apparently devices with Android Lollipop or higher, the games start just fine and music and sound start playing just fine but once I tap on the button to start playing the game the music will stop playing inexplicably, this does not happen on desktop either. The weirdest thing is that if I use the music on/off button I can get it working again and there will be no problem after that, even after a game_restart() call. I use Chrome for all my testing. I tried many things, even simulating the music on/off thing and it just wont work. It has to be manually done or wait till the player loses and music will come back (because it turns off when you lose). You can try to replicate the glitch from this game: http://aag.freevar.com/public/puzzle/boxed/index.html or with any other game on my site. Any help?
  11. GM: Studio on the Humble Bundle

    Ah yes, the link. I guess that was important Thanks!
  12. End of sharing html link via dropbox

    I went and did another thread about the same thing, should have looked first, sorry about that. So many suggestions here. Thanks.
  13. You probably already know this but GM: Studio is on the Humble Store again. I missed it the last time but got it this time. For 15 you can get GM professional and HTML5, Android, IOS, and Windows UWP modules plus a bunch of games for Steam and you can also download them plus the source material. GO GET IT!
  14. Thank you. I'll be checking these out. Please keep the suggestions coming.
  15. If I am reading this correctly this will mean that as of October 3 I can no longer use Dropbox as my host for HTML5 games(?). Does anyone has an alternative to this that is just as easy? Maybe Google Drive or One Drive? I really don't care about what is best, optimal, standard, etc. I am looking for easy. Dropbox was easy. Just put the game in a folder on the public folder and share the link to the index.html. Easy. Anything on that line of ease should be just fine. Preferably free but a paid service with a relatively small fee should do it too.