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  1. Papz

    Collision mask in Phaser

    @Madclaws (hello) Sry i think you want that.
  2. Papz

    Collision mask in Phaser

    Look at this physics/masked collision.html
  3. Papz

    Error BitmapFont on refresh

    Hi, i need help, i get this when i refresh my game 1/2: and ofc (game.js 50) console: and in game.js line 50: this.rep_un_txt =, 0, 'pixel', this.rep_un, 100); i load 2 bitmap font in my load.js: gameState.loadState = function(game) { }; gameState.loadState.prototype ={ preload: function(){ //assets'barRep','./assets/bar_rep.png');'selecteur','./assets/selecteur.png') //fonts'pixel', './font/pixelBITM.png', './font/pixelBITM.fnt');'pixel_o', './font/pixelBITM_o.png', './font/pixelBITM_o.fnt');, this); }, start: function(){ // i use this for fix error (cheap) this.fixtext = this.add.text(-10, -10, {font: "1px pixel", fill: "#ffffff"}); this.state.start('Game'); } }; I can't found a fix or see what i m doing wrong :/ Early Thanks
  4. edit: Admin you can delete this poste. i was moving my player without velocity but by X and Y ...
  5. Papz

    Tilemap gets clipped

    I think is the world bounds. if you have a canvas W and H: 500 and you move your camera to 600, they crop your sprites bcs you are out of the world you need set a world bounds, 0, 600, 500); so your camera is your canvas H and W but your world is much bigger: H 500 and W: 600 the red line is your camera in your exemple now with setBounds you can move your camera (red line / canvas size ) + 100 to the right and no one is clipped
  6. Papz

    Puzzle Bobble/Bust a Move tutorial or code base

    Hi, If you dont find one, look what you need in your game, learn how to use it and create your own game, i think is the best way too learn. If you juste want a copy/past and never fall, you can't learn. I never say you just want Copy/Past I start phaser 3 days ago, the first thing i do is: What a i need for my game: Start -> timer start -> action by click (2 states true or false) if true -> function doTrue(){} // animation for my player and TimeBar, timerBar ++ if false -> function doFalse() // animation for my timBar, timeBar-- (...) You need define what you need, what states can take your actions and what is the order for Actions/Events Create a logical time line for your game and after you can dev it with the docs like that: mhhh how to create a buble with physics ? docs -> Phaser.Physics.ARCADE or P2 Ok i need ARCADE, so how apply physics on my bubule bullet -> docs / google I hope this will help you .