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  1. Remove tile for collect coins

    we have the same problem
  2. Newbie to phaser ( I need someone to help me plss)

    i already start my projecy and im having trouble with collision with the coin im using tiled here check it :
  3. Hi everyone im currently making a game for my project and i am a newbie to phaser and i really strugling to learn it. Can someone assist me or help me to build my game? i really appreciate it please.
  4. Destroying coins in collision

    Hi guys! I am newbie to phaser and i would like to ask question and guide me in my project. I am currently developing a game for my project. My game will collect coins and coins that have question to be answered and will be evaluated if the user can play next level. Im using Tiled. And i am having trouble when the collision on the coins it increase the score multiple times before it will gone. Here is my code. Hope you guys help me. getCoin:function(){ map.putTile(-1,layer.getTileX(player.x), layer.getTileY(player.y)); score += 10; scoreText.text = 'Score: ' + score; } It replaces the tile with a tile that didnt exist so i appears to be gone.