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  1. [SOLVED] Remove child properly from mesh

    wow man, I've search something like that in google, but without found it. Thank you
  2. Hi, I'm trying to remove correctly one child from its parent by making child.parent = null; But the child keeps invisible after this operation. How can I make the correct way?
  3. Coopera

    Interessante cara, esse jogo tem uma ideia boa. O legal é mesmo simples dá pra aprender alguma coisa sobre cooperação em grupo, mesmo sendo invisiveis os users rsrrs.
  4. I found it! https://doc.babylonjs.com/features/position,_rotation,_scaling So easy, sorry for inconvenient
  5. How can I get the local vector orientation? Like, is there a matrix holding the sense of front of the mesh? How can I acess it? I say this because the translate method knows the "orientation" if I just translate in one axis only and the mesh move forward in that local axis.
  6. Man, you have reason. I never put my games on the web it's just because of my perfectionism, like the games are incomplete I think that it's not good enough hehehe. Well, I will put them on github another hour, even incomplete I'm planning to finish them some day. Thank you. Oh, and my games are made with my own engine named Chora Engine, chora means cry in English, just a playing with of Cry Engine
  7. Man, I would like to show you my games, but are incomplete and are all in C++, I have only one game in javascript+html5 (without engine or lib), it's just a snake game. I'm planning to finish my donkey kong classic game clone (C++), and then I'll port to javascript+Phaser. I made this kind of thing just for fun
  8. @WiLD11 thanks man, I'll train with Phaser cause I'm new to it, but I've made a little game, just for fun, a clone of Wario's Wood from SNES, cloning it's just an feature that I've training for years, just to get necessary ability.
  9. In truth, I have some projects in the internet from 2008 to 2010, like in source forge. I made my own 2d engine (since 2013) and I have do some little games, but I never post them in github or even sourceforge because they're not ready, like I said: I on't know how to draw or even like create sound fx. So, I just made remake of mario's games, DK etc
  10. Hello, I'm an experienced programmar, who has made 2d games for 10 years, in majority desktop games, just for fun and learning. I never make any money of my "hobbie" with games, because of "barriers" like the drawing/animation, sound effect, music etc. The things that I know make better it's just Game Design and programming (with professionalism). So, can anyone give me a idea of how to make money with a team made by your self? Like sell your source without any great image or sound but the game ready to add if?
  11. Stop body after collide with othe body

    Thanks brianzinn but I'm talkiing aboutECMAS version used by babylon, I suppose be >= 6 With your link I got the correct cannon to babylon, thank you.
  12. Stop body after collide with othe body

    Wingnut, ok thanks. Just an off-question: which is the javascript version that should I use with Babylon?
  13. Stop body after collide with othe body

    Thank you again Wingnut, the real problem it's not the force of translate, because I had seen that translate it's very power full (even more than 9K!!! hehe) and I saw that it's not proper to my test. I had change mesh.rotate() by impostor.setAngularVelocity and works fine, but change mesh.translate to impostor.setLinearVelocity and the same problem of before: the mesh move in the world axis, not in the local axis (that change with rotation). So, appears me that 3D it's not to play, but it's far very fun! If you have some book, tutorial, or any think (free please) to show me, please, share it. I want to be good with 3D environments like I do with 2D Maybe I just need something like collision detection and response "hard", like in general 2d world.
  14. Hello again people! Well, I have a little problem with collisions in babylon with cannon js. For example: I move my player with translate, it's just a box with box impostor, and when I go and crash with another box the player is throw in the other sense, here it's all ok but the force with the player is throw it's very strong. I tried with resitution = 0 or friction = 1 but happens the same strong counter force. So, can anyone help me?
  15. Cool example man, I still not tried to move with impostor, but surely I will study your example. Thank you.