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  1. cpu_sam

    Please, write your advices how to learn English

    I like to write, but only on my language: portuguese (pt BR). But, I can write not so well in English, that kind of tip I like very much and I will follow it to learn better how to write in English. NIOTE: even if I can write some phrases I can't express mysefl so well. I made a course, but not learn so well because I was very lazy. What gave to learn I learn it, but I feel that it can be more effective. Thanks for the tips.
  2. cpu_sam

    Phaser not show sprite images in chrome 65 Linux

    Don't worry man, I found a similar issue, but without any solution yet (just chrome linux stay in this way): https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser/issues/1962 I'm using the parcel as server of the files, even using apache2 I can't see any sprite. I will try in windows and see what I can do. So, Thank you for the help.
  3. cpu_sam

    Phaser not show sprite images in chrome 65 Linux

    I've tried run the game in firefox quatum and works fine. In chrome it loads the resource but in the moment of show the sprites are like invisible, without any resource is seen. The buttons are invisible but clickable because putting the cursor over the black position where it was, the cursor change the icon to pointing hand. It's impossible to load the game in chrome without a previous build in parcel, it give: Build with parcel in chome but serving by the apache2, give the same first error (without visible sprites. Opening in chrome 66 (android), the game opens and run withiout any error. Just chrome 65 linux give the first error.
  4. Hi, I'm trying to show some sprites of my game, but I get all invisible sprites. In firefox 60, the game works perfectly, only in chrome that the screen stays black and without any sprite visible. NOTE: No error message are reported, only this following: I'm using parcelJS as bundler. What should I do to fix this? EDIT: I'm using Phaser 2.10.5 with Typescript
  5. cpu_sam

    How to load file fonts from format fnt?

    Thank you @casey, but yesterday I made my own converter from fnt (from Hiero) to xml. It jwas just needed to add xml's tags and attributes.
  6. I'm trying to load a simple font, but phaser only reads xml. Can anyone teaches me how to convert a file fnt to xml? Because I can't load in phaser-ce, just give me the follow error: Phaser.Loader - jumpman: invalid XML Phaser.Loader - bitmapfont[jumpman]: invalid XML Line of code error: game.load.bitmapFont("jumpman", "./assets/fonts/fonteArial.png", "./assets/fonts/fonteArial.fnt"); Please someone give me a light!
  7. So, how do this? I want that because I try to load non existent asset but nothing is happening, the programs stop without any error message.
  8. cpu_sam

    eLearning game for kids that teaches Javascript and Python

    Just give a hint: if you can so put some images in the post, because the image motivates to visitates the site more than any text.
  9. Thanks, I'll follow this issue.
  10. I was thinking that Sprite.update was called every frame update automatically. Like I've searched for some human example and not found any, so I cannot to learn the "right"way. And once time again @samme thanks a lot!
  11. cpu_sam

    Help with simple code with ES6 and phaser 3

    I abandoned ES 6 and now I use pure Typescript 2, thanks for the attention.
  12. Reading this topic above, I've found that Sprite.update it's not called, however: how can I call the update in the main.update? I've tried the code in the topic but it doesn't works for me, that without the directly reference to player object. But I would like to call the Player.Sprite.update without the player reference explicitly declared in the source. Can anyone help me?
  13. cpu_sam

    About Javascript and Typescript with Phaser

    Ok, thank you for the answers. I was planning toi change JS for the TS. Now I can finally make one simple example with TS after many hours trying.
  14. I'm since yesterday to run a simple example with phaser3 and I can't run. For example, I've tried ES6, so syntax error on import (even with the code with no errors). So, I tried typescript 2, but give me some errors on compile time. I want any help to answer this simple question to avoid a hert attack: 1-What's the Javascript version indicates to use with Phser 3? 2-Which Typescript version (and compiler version) should I use with Phaser 3? 3-do I need use some programma like browserify/wbpack to pack my game and distribute it? Please, if you only knows answer one question, so answer me. Greetings
  15. Hello, so, I was here reading and reading and reading and studying codes a lot and I can't resolve a simple problem: how to make a little example with Phaser 3. when I try to import Phaser as a module with the command: import * as Phaser from "./phaser3.8.0.js"; It gives me the follow error: But the import is already on top level of main module. Or even if I try to import my Player classe with the following: import Player from "./myPlayer.js"; Where myPlayer.js is the class file with a extends of Player with Phaser.GameObjects.Sprite.