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  1. Hello, Is it possible to create a mesh with both reflection and shine (gloss)? I've got like a gold pouf that got a reflection in it but it's also shiny. What do you guys think? Can this effect be achieved with PBR material? Tomer.
  2. Not exactly a game - but a 3d room (nursery) editor built with Babylon.js. You can add items. put items on top of each other. place items on walls. remove and rotate items. resize room. * not supported on mobile yet. We've just started and will very much appreciate your feedback. Tomer.
  3. Hey guys, I know that this question has been asked several times before, but I wonder if there are any news - I'm looking for a user session recording tool such as Hotjar or Injectlet that supports canvas recording. Any other solution besides google analytics integration? Tomer.
  4. O.K that makes sense thatnks!
  5. Hello, As far as I understand ray picking shouldn't depend on bounding box. But, when I change mesh's bounding box for some reason it affects picking. Playground that reproduces this behavior I would expect both spheres picking to act the same. Tomer.
  6. Of course btw, I've tried it with 3 different computers (all the same results) - mac book pro early 2015 and another pc. Edit: I see now that the way I've checked it was wrong. when I try: `engine.getGlInfo()` -> I see that all the properties are undefined. but When I try the same in my "real" application I see that Babylon use webGL 2.
  7. I'm using Chrome (which suppose to support WebGL 2 by default) and using mac book pro early 2015 (that support OpenGL 4), but still, it seems that BABYLON is using WebGL 1, why is that? chrome://gpu - results: OpenGL Extensions Viewer When I run the playground I see: Not sure if that's a bug or am I just doing something wrong? BTW, I couldn't find any assignment for this property. Thanks, Tomer.
  8. Simple furMaterial

    @Luaacro thanks! it will be awesome.
  9. Simple furMaterial

    @JCPalmer Cool, you're right, testing for CPU intensiveness with chrome's task manager is superficial and not accurate at all, I just used it as an indicator but on second thought not sure I should have. Anyway, I'm trying both @Pryme8 method and highLevelFur = false now. Thank you all
  10. Simple furMaterial

    Thank you all @Pryme8 Thanks for that! will check it out. @Dad72 Thanks, I've tried furSpeed=0 but it doesn't work for me, so I'm using a high number for furSpeed, there is still animation but you can hardly see it, I think it's better now but still not sure, will also check it out. @JCPalmer not sure about post processing but get into this playground get closer to the fur, open chrome's task manager and you'll see: CPU can get much worse I'm using macbook pro mid 2014.
  11. Simple furMaterial

    Thanks, already read it, looking for other options.
  12. Simple furMaterial

    Hello, It looks like FurMaterial is compute intensive. Is there any way to make it less compute intensive? perhaps disable the animation? (I don't need the animation any way just the effect) Thanks!
  13. Thanks a lot That's exactly what I was looking for and the PGs are very helpful as well. Merry Christmas!
  14. I see, thanks again! Here is what I want to try now, tell me if you guys think it make any sense: Create the Wall out of 2 triangles, create the window as a submesh . Using multi-material I will provide the window transparent material and different material to the wall. edit: I didn't really understand the principle of sub-meshes, but now I don't think that's a solution to my problem, I will still need to create the wall as example A in the drawing.