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  1. Distance Sensor as mesh locator

    Thank you for suggestions Wingnut. I guess I should look playground examples P.S. We are using FollowCamera, and it is looking to the ground object all the time, so all moves can be seen on the screen. I did consider that one time we can change the lock to the cat or rat when they move, and after go back to ground. Maybe we should do that
  2. Distance Sensor as mesh locator

    Thank you for comment Wingnut. I know it is a very difficult job to done, but it will be used in a competition and there will be no time for competitors for looking at the map or the screen we will use to show the moves. Basically, competitors must explore the map and while doing that may be the cat catches the rat. If I understand you correctly, we are not using camera as movers, so the angle of view for showing moves is like an overhead view. I do not have sufficient knowledge, but rays can be useful There will be boundaries for the map, so it should collide somewhere Any other ideas?
  3. Hello, I am working on a catch and run game, and I have cat and rat meshes along with a height map that creates walls for me. I have the locations of rat and cat, also my objective is using websocket to play this game, so I should know information about locations. Simply, I want to send some information to the users so, they can decide which way to go. In Gazebo simulation program, LaserScan that has distance array to the obstacles with decided view of angle such as pi radian is used for deciding which way to go with no knowledge of the world. How can I achieve this goal? How can I get the distances to obstacles which provided with some decided angle of view. I want to do this in that way, because any indexing can be wrong for some situations like roundoff errors may occur, but any suggestions is welcomed. Please consider the fact that I will send this information to users, and wait them to understand quickly.