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  1. Hello, sorry for my bad english too In javascript 'this' is referring to the current scope. Now to understand what a scope is, scope is the space between { } , in your example the box mesh only exists in the Box function scope. I think you need better app structure in order to achieve things easily. Structure in javascript can be achieved in many ways. The following is one approach I use a lot. In this example both the sphere and box meshes belongs to the scope of MyApp and can be used from any prototype function of class MyApp. var MyApp = (function(){ //constructor function MyApp(){ = this.createBox(); this.sphere = this.createSphere(); } MyApp.prototype.createBox = function(){ = //create mesh }; MyApp.prototype.createSphere = function(){ this.sphere = //create mesh }; MyApp.prototype.anotherFunction = function(){ //here you have both the box and spehere mesh } return MyApp; // returning the constructor })(); // use the app as follows var app = new MyApp(); app.anotherFunction();
  2. Would like to share this episode with the community maybe it helps not going through this while submitting the game in the app store. The first attempt was rejected, one of the reasons due the fact a new user lands in a login screen without seeing or playing the game. At first I was going to appeal maybe it gets accepted by stating that no part of the game works without an account. But after second thought Apple is right...installing the game and play makes sense. So I decided to make necessary changes. Now in the new update, which is available in Google Play and awaiting review from App Store, a temporary account "PlayerXXXX" is created and a user can play both online or solo. The user is later reminded to connect and also offered a reward of 50k ! which is cool. A temporary account is lost if game is uninstalled. So its important to keep this in mind designing you game flow from installation to play.
  3. Hello All! We just launched open beta version of our multiplayer dice game Phone Dice and would love to share this with the community. This is an adaptation of the street version of the dice game "Craps", more commonly known as "Street Craps" or "Street Dice". Users can play both in solo and multiplayer modes, using in game money that can be won in bonus rolls, solo play rolls or against other people live. In case one ends up without any in game cash, there is the opportunity to buy from the in app store. The game rules are based on street dice which are as follows : Solo Play: 1) Bet money 2) 1sth throw: with 7 or 11 you win the money, with 2,3 or 12 you lose the money, the rest (4,5,6,7,8,10) become the point. 3) After the first throw, the roller keeps shooting until either the point or a 7 is rolled. The point is the winning roll, and 7 is the losing number (since 7 is the number that can be rolled with the most available combinations). Online Play: 1) Rules are same like solo play with the difference that both players shoot dice in the beginning with the highest scorer becoming the roller. The game was built using HTML, CSS and JS all the way. Phone Dice Google Play Link Note: We decided for this week to only distribute on android. We will be up in the App Store soon. Thank you!