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  1. Machine-dev

    Stop sprite(velocity.x = 0) after some coordinate

    I don't think 40 would overwhelm the browser but safer to test and find out. If it does cause problems I would flag each object in an associative array and only check till it has been stopped once.
  2. Machine-dev

    Stop sprite(velocity.x = 0) after some coordinate

    in update() I would do something like: if ( >= 200) { player.body.velocity.y = 0; player.body.velocity.x = 0; }
  3. Machine-dev

    Draw maps for towns, worlds, areas may work well for you.
  4. Machine-dev


    You put a lot of polish into this. It looks and plays great! I reviewed your blog but you didn't speak too much about the serverside aspects I was curious about. Do all "rooms" run from one machine? How did you go about tackling the client-server communications?
  5. I would use the Slopes Plugin: Alternatively, change the physics body of your sprite. You would need logic to lerp the sprites display into the right area though and it could get messy.
  6. Machine-dev

    How to double jump with phaser ?

    I believe the secret is upInputReleased(). Otherwise user cursors.up.isDown will be detected twice (or more), immediately exhausting any saved jumps.
  7. is what I see people using to wrap their game up into a mobile deployment. I have seen some use howler.js for audio if you really think that is what it's getting hung up on.