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  1. Using several Tiled map on huge world

    Thanks for the answer but my problem is not in the smoothness of the jump. I need, that would be when the camera went to the border tilemap - the map began to spin from zero X position. Now she starts from the position where I installed the map. Tryed this: layer.scrollX = 0; But it don't have any effect =( Any ideas haw i can scroll tilemap?
  2. Hi, I want to create a big world. I load a few tylemaps. All cards I initialize with layer.scrollFactorX = 0; layer.scrollFactorY = 0; layer.position.set(m.startX, m.startY); When I move my camera to the tilemap from the left ( >= layer.x) i want to stick the map to the camera (layer.x = 0;) and move its contents, but when I do - layer.scrollFactorY = 1; the card "jumps" to the distance the camera passed before it ( video in attach), haw can i fix that? And how i can scroll map to left side? (if i will move camera from right side) Без названия.mov
  3. How to store TileMap to file?

    Hi! I want to load, change some sprites and store my map to file or DB. How i can can get every Tile type on my map?