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  1. Hey @JCPalmer Thank you! This all super super helpful. Regarding 3. Are you suggesting I pose my mesh with the skeleton and then export the shapekeys with the skeleton still there, since you mentioned I might not be able to do one without the other? (I have to get the humanoid into position with the skeleton as the first step no matter what I assume.) File size doesn't matter since this is for a performative art installation so I will run everything locally! It can be gigabytes - doesn't matter : )
  2. Could you share a code snippet for how the Three.js specific code looks in Python? I'm just curious how that translates. Very cool work : )
  3. Explode Modifier?

    Could you share that animation in any form so I can get a better sense? link, video etc : ) Do you break apart the faces using morph targets? I see what you're saying about using SPS for just this one thing so I am open to all options!
  4. Hi All, Asking these questions now could save me weeks of trial and error. Any advice would be much appreciated. Essentially, I am creating a humanoid dancer whose animations I will need realtime control over, at least in terms of sequencing them. I'm using Blender to create the humanoid, but the animation part can either be done in Blender or directly in BJS. I've already started going through the forum to learn what works and does not work with Blender exporting so I will try to not ask too many questions that already have answers (I might fail at this). Here are questions that I think will help guide me to make smart choices: * I think it's important to note that I only need to import my mesh (and potentially the armature/animation, if I go that route). I do not need to import any textures, cameras, lights or environment. The Morph Target Option 1. If I use BJS Morph Targets should I export my humanoid mesh in various positions so that I end up with say 8 OBJ or Babylon files for import? 2. If I use Morph Targets is there any benefit to using the Babylon export format over using OBJ, glTF or any other format? 3. Hopefully I can pose my mesh with rigify armature and then delete it so that I'm not unnecessarily importing the armature as well since I'm just doing Morph Targets with this option, but if anyone has experience with this, any advice would be much appreciated? The armature (with Rigify) Option 4. Are there any new features with BJS 3.0/3.1 I should know about (that aren't documented fully yet) if I go the skeletal armature route? 5. Is the Babylon export format the best way to import my mesh with armature? Last two questions (and thanks for bearing with me) 6. The Blender Babylon exporter gives an error when I don't have a camera in my Blender scene. Is there any reason I need to include a camera? I'm planning on setting that up in BJS of course. 7. I've done some preliminary tests on exporting just my mesh (it has multiple sub objects, but no armature) from Blender with the Babylon exporter and sometimes I see a series of errors. Picture attached. If anyone has experience and is familiar with these errors any words of wisdom would be appreciated. I will work on trying to make (if possible for my needs) my total mesh just one mesh instead of having multiple parts to simplify my tests. I realize I'm asking a lot here so please feel free to respond to 1 or more questions or none, if you are busy : )
  5. Explode Modifier?

    Thank you all! I'm going to try everything you all have said, and I will post results or have follow up questions : ) Thanks for being so helpful everyone.
  6. Explode Modifier?

    With a few tweaks, it's exactly what I was looking for! Really cool! Is it possible to reverse time on this so that after exploding it comes back together? Any ideas?
  7. Explode Modifier?

    Is there any kind of explode modifier to separate all faces of a mesh and animate them? I'm used to using Three.js's ExplodeModifier and wondering if there is anything similar. It's a simple function, but I don't have enough experience w Babylon.js to go about recreating it yet: THREE.ExplodeModifier = function () { }; THREE.ExplodeModifier.prototype.modify = function ( geometry ) { var vertices = []; for ( var i = 0, il = geometry.faces.length; i < il; i ++ ) { var n = vertices.length; var face = geometry.faces[ i ]; var a = face.a; var b = face.b; var c = face.c; var va = geometry.vertices[ a ]; var vb = geometry.vertices[ b ]; var vc = geometry.vertices[ c ]; vertices.push( va.clone() ); vertices.push( vb.clone() ); vertices.push( vc.clone() ); face.a = n; face.b = n + 1; face.c = n + 2; } geometry.vertices = vertices; };
  8. Any GLSL shader in Babylonjs?

    Here is a playground with my code. I think I am getting close. I'm new to the playground so unfortunately this code is broken on it, but at least you can see what I'm doing : ) edit: It's now working: I was unable to load the images in firefox using just drag and drop of my index.html (no local server). I needed a local server to load images! This is a bug or by design in babylon.js because it works fine with THREE.js
  9. Any GLSL shader in Babylonjs?

    @bulisor I'm trying out your code but I'm still getting an error in console that says Source map error: TypeError: NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource: Source Map URL: What am I missing? Is this an extension I need to add that is not including with babylon max?
  10. Any GLSL shader in Babylonjs?

    @bulisor thank you for that code! I am going to try it this afternoon!
  11. Any GLSL shader in Babylonjs?

    I'm having a few issues right now using shaders with images. I have a javascript variable for my uniforms like this: var tuniform = { iGlobalTime: { type: 'f', value: 0.1 }, iChannel0: { type: 't', value: new BABYLON.Texture("/textures/cloudsPo2.jpg", scene) }, iChannel1: { type: 't', value: new BABYLON.Texture("/textures/internalFlesh1024Po2.jpg", scene) }, } Am I doing this wrong? I converted it from Three.js where this, for example, works iChannel0: { type: 't', value: new THREE.TextureLoader().load( 'textures/cloudsPo2.jpg') }, it would be very hard for me to convert this to a playground. Hopefully it's possible to see what I'm doing wrong without. I'm just wondering how to get that image loaded.
  12. Any GLSL shader in Babylonjs?

    Thanks for the links!
  13. Any GLSL shader in Babylonjs?

    Any idea why the official shader material guide playground isn't working?
  14. Hey All, Can I use any GLSL fragment or vertex shader (including 3d raymarching stuff) as a texture in Babylonjs including animated ones? I've done some google searches and I know you can use some, but what are the limitations? For example could I put any animated texture from GLSL Sandbox onto a Babylon.js plane mesh? Do I need to put the uniform variables in the render loop for animation to work? Super hoping the answer is yes, but any and all info will be helpful?