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  1. How to use the Phaser in Visual Studio 2017

    This is the last try I've done yesterday. First installed Phaser via Bower directly on Visual Studio project properties. Then I put Phaser in the project folder (I do both edited the tsconfig.json and put the files on hierarchy... doesn't change anything). Then I do both solution and now VS tell that it have duplicated identifier, declaration, ecc... but writing some Phaser code on app.ts it said that could not find Phaser. Tried with Phaser 2.6.2 and Phaser CE 2.9.2 (separatly).
  2. How to use the Phaser in Visual Studio 2017

    Thanks Tom, now I can compile Typescript in Visual Studio community 2017... but there is no way to compile Phaser code :-( If I put the files in the folder it says there is no Phaser. If I install Phaser from Bower (in Visual Studio community 2017) it says there is no Phaser. If I do both it say that I've double declarations.
  3. How to use the Phaser in Visual Studio 2017

    Good morning everyone! I have the same issue with Visual studio communiy 2017, I haven't find a way to let Visual studio see Phaser. I've copied: p2.d.ts phaser.d.ts phaser.js pixi.d.ts I've even added package.json as I've read in a guide. I've put Phaser folder in the environment variable. I've launched the typings command for Phaser. But after all of that there is no way to compile. The officiale guide, based on Visual studio 2013, tell to create a new project "HTML Application with TypeScript" that it doesn't even exists in Visual studio community 2017. Someone have found a way? Thanks everyone!