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    Fenopiù reacted to lunafromthemoon in Visual Novel Engine RenJS   
    Hi! I'm a developer from Argentina and I just released a visual novel engine based on Phaser and inspired by Ren'Py, called RenJS. The stories are written in yaml on a list of actions, and then interpreted and executed with Javascript and Phaser. It's easy to use by non programmers and it's super easy to extend and modify for anyone that knows a bit of phaser. I invite you to check the tutorial game I made with the engine itself in https://lunafromthemoon.itch.io/renjs, you can also get the code from https://gitlab.com/lunafromthemoon/RenJSTutorial, download it, play it locally and grab the files to make your own visual novels.
    There's no official documentation of it yet, but I'm working on it. I hope to get some feedback from you all, thank you!

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    Fenopiù reacted to samme in Major difference between phaser2 and phaser 3   
    The major difference is 1.
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    Fenopiù reacted to samme in [SOLVED] Creating a clickable circle sprite   
    I think there's very little documentation on hitArea.
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    Fenopiù reacted to Will5 in Facebook Instant Games scaling for mobile   
    I'm happy to say that I found the solution.
    All I had to do is place the game inside a DIV container. Everything worked smoothly after that
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    Fenopiù reacted to rich in Performance: alpha=0 VS visible=false   
    They're both the same. Sprites are skipped for rendering if alpha 0 or visible false:
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    Fenopiù reacted to PhaserEditor2D in Phaser Editor v1.5.0 is released (and is free!)   
    Recently we released the last major version of Phaser Editor, with a lot of new stuff, like Tilemaps and Bitmap Text, but what is more exciting is the new licensing model: Freemium!
    So now the editor is accessible to everybody for an unlimited period of time. The free edition contains all the features, just the number of certain assets are limited (scenes: 15, tilemaps: 5, texture maps: 3), however, we think that lot of projects fit inside that bounds.
    We are convinced that the best for all is a model where everybody can use the editor and provide a valuable feedback, that is essential to build a better product. 
    Take a look at the complete release notes
    EDITED: Recommended this introductory video from GameFromScatch: 
    Kind Regards
    P.S. By the way, the development of Phaser Editor v2 just started, this version is all about to support Phaser v3.
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    Fenopiù reacted to mattstyles in Phaser.Sprite.call()   
    `.call` has nothing to do with `super` objects, nor does JS have any concept of `super` objects. `.call`, along with its sister `.apply` and cousin `.bind` can be used to invoke a function with a specific context, or scope i.e. it mutates the `this` pointer to reference whatever you want it to. It can be used with various object creation methods to smudge classical inheritance into a language that does not support it, as per Rudrabhoj's example.
    JS scope can be tricky and stuff like call and apply actually make it even trickier, so it is well worth reading and re-reading any examples and writing plenty of your own code to test it. Those lessons stay with you no matter which JS library you use so its never wasted time and it should be a core part of any interview for JS role, understanding scope well is that important.
    In your case `Pipe` looks like it is a constructor function, which invokes the Sprite constructor with its newly created reference and then copies over the properties from the Sprite prototype (by mutating the native Pipe protoype) and works so that you get a similar result as inheriting from a base class in classical languages (note that despite ES2015 introducing `class`, `extends` and `super` keywords, JS is still prototypal and not classical). There are gotchas with this but they usually rear their ugly heads when you set up longer prototype chains or try to merge more than one object (polymorphism or multiple inheritance).
    If you follow along with classical methodology this means that Pipe IS a Sprite object, just with some extra bits, whereas it sounds like you simply want a container for 2 sprites. If you just need Pipe to contain two sprites then create them in the constructor or attach them to `this` inside some sort of `.create` or `.init` function and they will be available from any instantiated `Pipe` objects via `this`, unless you further mutate scope.
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    Fenopiù reacted to samme in Is there a Phaser 2 to 3 Migration Guide?   
    See https://madmimi.com/p/a022cb.
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    Fenopiù reacted to in mono in Creating multiple popups with too many functions?   
    Reuse the code and just pass what's different as a parameter. Better yet, make a class for the popups, write the open and close methods for it, then work with instances of that class.
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    Fenopiù reacted to kstamatov85 in Hand cursor on buttons   
    My workaround to set cursor on text is to attach a transparent tileSprite on it.
    You can take the dimension of the text object and create tileSprite with the same size.
    Then You add the tilesprite to the text as its Child.
    Now you can inputEnable the tileSprite and apply cursor on it.

    var backText = _t.make.text(-(popup_width / 2), (popup_height) - 90, SP.lang.backLabel, SP.font.blueSmallFont); backText.anchor.setTo(0.5, 0); var backTextclickArea = _t.make.tileSprite(0, 18, 190, 45, 'transparentPixel'); // The size cords could be generated dynamically !!! backTextclickArea.anchor.setTo(0.5, 0); backTextclickArea.inputEnabled = true; backTextclickArea.input.useHandCursor = true; backTextclickArea.events.onInputDown.add(_t.goBack, _t); backTextclickArea.input.priorityID = 10; backText.addChild(backTextclickArea);  
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    Fenopiù reacted to rich in Phaser 3.1.2 Released   
    Today we released Phaser 3.1.2. This is a point-release, meaning none of the public-facing API changed and focused on our continued effort to stamp on bugs as quickly as we can. It also includes hundreds of fixes to the jsdocs.
    The largest fixes are around the renderer, bringing in Tile alpha and Scale support to the Static Tilemap Layer, and fixing an issue with the Particle Emitter batch that would manifest if you had blend modes enabled.
    Grab the latest build from GitHub, npm or CDN and as usual see the full Change Log for details.
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    Fenopiù reacted to RiCoTeRoX in Phaser 3 BOILERPLATES, STARTERS - List, discussion and features   
    What do you think about setting a deadline?
    maybe Feb 28 ?
    so we can start the project on 1º Mar
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    Fenopiù reacted to Nicholls in Swipe effect (Slide Box) in Phaser   
    Hi guys,
    This is my example: http://codepen.io/jdnichollsc/full/ZGoNKg/
    What do you think?
    Regards, Nicholls
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    Fenopiù reacted to Antriel in [WIP] Phaser 3 TypeScript Definitions   
    First step is getting the jsdoc convert to valid TS defs without any hacks. That will require lot of fixes in the actual jsdoc.
    Then we can think about these dynamic plugins, possibly adding custom jsdoc tag for it. It shouldn't be too difficult I hope. In any case it will definitely have to be automatic and based on the jsdoc, not custom per-plugin manual hacks in the converter or anything like that.
    By the way, a lot of work already went into the jsdoc being TS friendly, but it's more difficult than it might seem on such a big project. JSDoc itself doesn't help there much either
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    Fenopiù reacted to casey in How to render a HTML page inside Phaser?   
    You may also find this tutorial on overlays useful: https://www.joshmorony.com/creating-a-shop-with-purchasable-items-in-a-phaser-game/
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    Fenopiù reacted to Antriel in [WIP] Phaser 3 TypeScript Definitions   
    Compiled down the current version of the TS defs for Phaser 3.
    It's work in progress and hackishly processed to be valid (i.e. doesn't generate TS errors), but it seems to work.
    Get it here: phaser.d.ts
    Let me know if there are issues (although there's already plenty that I know of).
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    Fenopiù reacted to alex_h in How to render a HTML page inside Phaser?   
    stick an iframe in front of the game canvas and load the HTML into that.
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    Fenopiù reacted to wayfinder in Phaser Slider UI component (just released)   
    That's not at all what I expected from the name

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    Fenopiù reacted to Antriel in Phaser 3 JSDoc Generated Typescript Definitions   
    I already worked on this the past week, it's almost ready.
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    Fenopiù reacted to nkholski in Phaser 3 Animated Tiles Plugin   
    I've prepared a plugin in time for the release of Phaser 3 today: support for animated tiles. The plugin parses tile animation data configured in Tiled and then, well, animates layers (dynamic layers required). All you need is three lines of code; one for preloading the plugin, a second for installing the plugin and the third for initializing it for a map.

    Animate tiles as configured and displayed in Tiled. Support for unlimited tile animations, layers, maps, and tilesets. Use the API to manipulate the rate (multiplier of the frame duration set in Tiled) globally or for a certain tile id or map. Animations adapt to the timeScale set by the Phaser 3 API. Add and remove animated tiles any time. API demo: http://metroid.niklasberg.se/phaser-animated-tiles
    Playable demo (question marks are animated tiles): http://metroid.niklasberg.se/phaser3platformer/
    Github repository: https://github.com/nkholski/phaser-animated-tiles
    Suggestions are welcome and if you use the plugin, please tell!
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    Fenopiù reacted to Antriel in The Phaser 3 Wishlist Thread :)   
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    Fenopiù reacted to samme in Game list of phaser games   
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    Fenopiù got a reaction from samid737 in Dot move with trail   
    With particles and emitter and tween I'm very very very close to the result that I want.
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    Fenopiù reacted to lewster32 in How to tint a particle   
    A particle is a type of sprite, and an emitter is a type of group, so if you can find the particle you want to tint in the emitter using the normal methods you can just call .tint on it as normal. Something like this will tint all the particles in the emitter:
    emitter.forEach(function(particle) { // tint every particle red particle.tint = 0xff0000;}); See the Emitter documentation for more.
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    Fenopiù reacted to lewster32 in How to tint a particle   
    Phaser.Particle = function (game, x, y, key, frame) { Phaser.Sprite.call(this, game, x, y, key, frame); http://docs.phaser.io/Particle.js.html#sunlight-1-line-20
    Particle extends Sprite (which itself inherits from pixi's Sprite, and so on) so it inherits all of Sprite's properties.