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  1. yes but I don't like acceleration and without acceleration it doesn't follow
  2. Hi guys, I finished the movement algorithm and now I have questions about camera, how can I make camera to follow character when character moving with animation? now my camera is not following, it just looking at object: is it a correct way to create another animation for camera?
  3. How to get x and y of ground on mouse click (clientX,clientY)

    mm things geting harder .. :))) thanks
  4. How to get x and y of ground on mouse click (clientX,clientY)

    I fixed this but my object moving like this. there is no method that gets desired and current location and makes object to move smoothly?
  5. hi everyone,I want to get x and y from ground when I click and where I click to do click to move. I tried this but it not working to me: P.S scene.meshes[1] is a ground var pickInfo = scene.meshes[1].pick(ev.clientX,ev.clientY); error: Object doesn't support property or method 'pick'