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  1. Multiple Animation from same Skeleton

    It is not working for character model Animation should give to character model only.
  2. Hi Everyone, i have a doubt how to run a two animation simultaneously from a same skeleton without affecting 1st one. i will play animation using below script. i want to run this two animation without out affecting 1st one. is this possible?? scene.beginAnimation(player.skeleton, 61, 126, true, 1.0); scene.beginAnimation(player.skeleton, 0, 30, true, 1.0);
  3. Rotation & Scaling of animated mesh

    the animated mesh was created by 3ds max and i want to rotate and scale it using BJS script but it was done rotation // rotation var axis = new BABYLON.Vector3(0, 1, 0); var angle = Math.PI; var quaternion = new BABYLON.Quaternion.RotationAxis(axis, angle); player.rotationQuaternion = quaternion; //scaling player.scaling = new BABYLON.Vector3(0.1, 0.1, 0.1);
  4. Impostor bigger than the mesh after scaling

    if i use to export the model in blender. is this same problem will be occur?
  5. Impostor bigger than the mesh after scaling

    i'm also facing this same issue. if anyone have solution for this??
  6. Hi, I have a doubt.. how to rotate and scaling the animated mesh without affecting the mesh shape and other. which was imported using the importmesh function. Advance thanks for response
  7. How to get loading screen

    Thank you, can i get any model script
  8. How to get loading screen

    how to get loading screen like this
  9. Hi Everyone, How to visually check the sphere imposter shape and size of player in babylon???
  10. How to avoid bouncing for physics material

    i will make player, floor, and box also 0 but it will still bounching i don't know where i done wrong
  11. How to avoid bouncing for physics material

    thanks i already fixed it but now also my mesh is bounching. it will bounce only it's collide with another mesh. my question is. when player is moving in certain speed and it collide with box which also physics enabled how to force stop this type of bouncing
  12. how to avoid the bouncing of sphere collider object i want to force stop of bouncing for player because i'm using cannon physics engine when the player jump over the box then the player will bouncing to very large distance in sky