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  1. trevordev

    How to dispose a Ray

    Are you seeing that the memory is still existing? I believe it should be garbage collected as soon as there are no references to it existing, just like Vector3 or Quaternion objects.
  2. trevordev

    Hide a sprite

    Sorry, I think it should be good now. PR: . Thanks for the tip @sable
  3. trevordev


    Hey, I've done much of the existing gizmo work. I agree the current appearance is pretty bulky and like your suggestions. I was planning on adding support to specify a custom mesh when creating the gizmo so anyone can make the gizmo look like however they want but I can definitely take the look of @NasimiAsl's playground for a better default but might leave the animation out for simplicity.
  4. trevordev

    Problems with pivot and rotation

    For rotation pivots I've had success when using a parent mesh, positioning the child mesh inside it and then rotating the parent mesh. See
  5. trevordev

    Hide a sprite

    I believe @Deltakosh does them nightly.
  6. trevordev

    Hide a sprite

    Sure, how about this?
  7. For my projects I like Babylon for: No large IDE/libraries required, I can setup a local babylon dev environment in < 5min or jump into the playground instantly Easily reuse existing web stack, typescript, the dom, existing js code, npm, webpack, socketio, jquery, etc. No licensing
  8. trevordev

    What is the default antialiasing used?

    @V!nc3r I think the msaa algo is the same for both. To get it to look identical you should also turn off imageProcessingEnabled (Line 71) which might be causing the differences in your comparison (see Let me know if you notice any other issues.
  9. trevordev

    How does the GUI support multi-touch?

    I'm not sure I repro'd exactly what you are seeing but I did notice that touch both buttons at once and then releasing causes a right click event to be fired which might be interrupting your up/down events. I disabled right clicking on the canvas using $("#renderCanvas").bind("contextmenu", ()=>{ return false }) This stops the right click event and up/down events seem to work expected now for me here (tested with: Chrome + laptop with touchscreen): Let me know if this still doesn't fix your issue.
  10. trevordev

    What is the default antialiasing used?

    Hi, When not using the default pipeline I believe msaa 4x is used but when enabling the default pipeline msaa is off by default (see line 42 samples is set to 1). To get the default pipeline to get the same behavior as no pipeline try setting samples = 4 on line 42. To get no aliasing without the default pipeline you can try to set anti aliasing to false in the engine constructor. (See Hope that helps
  11. trevordev


    @levere PR to fix this added here: After this is merged I tested it working with this PG: #7KWL6Q#5
  12. trevordev

    Contributing to documentation 101

    Sure, you can edit the default rendering pipeline's bloom scale property here: , I believe the default value should be 0.5 based on the initial value of the private variable _bloomScale. The default rendering pipeline, during initialization, creates a new instance of bloom effect found in bloomEffect.ts which takes the _bloomScale as a parameter. Let me know if you have further questions.
  13. trevordev

    Png texture mask

    @captainleighwalker this is because Edge is using webGL 1.0 which does not support non-power of two texture width/height (Unfortunately no webGL warning was displayed in console to tell you this). If you use an image with a size of 256 for example this will should work. See
  14. trevordev

    Quaternion.LookRotation Implementation

    It appears there is already a lookAt method that the cameras were using. I wrapped them to give the same signature you are asking for. Give this a shot.
  15. trevordev

    Quaternion.LookRotation Implementation

    Hey Mackey, since Babylon already provides a method to convert euler angles to quaternions (RotationYawPitchRoll like you mentioned), you could try to convert the forward and upwards parameters of LookRotation to a euler angle and pass those values to the existing method. I think the forward vector can be converted to yaw + pitch and the roll can be determined with the help of the up vector. See and for guidance. Hope this helps.