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  1. trevordev

    Google Dream Day VR - Controller

    Take a look at in the device position and rotation section. It references this playground . Let me know if you run into any issues with that.
  2. See . In your playground you attach controls to both cameras right away, if you only have the active camera attached, only it will be moved.
  3. trevordev

    Showing lights physically

    I'm not sure this is built in but here's a playground that does this I created a mesh and made the light a child of it, then created a pointer event such that when its clicked it changes the intensity.
  4. WebXR should make it into popular browsers early next year 🤞. but you can already use it via chrome canary and support in babylon is already in progress: .
  5. Maybe this playground can help. It uses a custom shader to create portals:
  6. trevordev

    Toggling in scenes in VR mode

    Please share your playground and i can take another look.
  7. Tracking the highlight issue here: and PR is out. Im still not understanding the vr camera moving issue you describe. Is there a playground for that one?
  8. @oschakravarthi You shouldn't need to load all assets prior to entering vr. You just need to make sure that your assets to overwrite the active camera. You can load an asset container at any time and it shouldn't modify the scene until you call addAllToScene. What feature would you like to add?
  9. trevordev

    Toggling in scenes in VR mode

    If you just load that scene do you see the same issue? I just tried on a laptop with gyro and could not reproduce this issue. Potentially the scene is too large and causing a driver/memory issue on lower end devices?
  10. @oschakravarthi see , KeepAssets can be used to maintain objects when removing objects from the scene. When adding objects to the scene, you can inspect the scene.activeCamera and scene.lights and remove the ones that are not in your keep assets object.
  11. If you create a playground with just the buttons and don't load anything else does the ray work as expected? My guess is that something else you are loading into the scene is blocking the ray,
  12. trevordev

    Toggling in scenes in VR mode

    @oschakravarthi What device are you using? When on desktop with WMR acer hmd this looks to work. Do you see any error in the console?
  13. Could you share a playground of what you are describing and I can take a look. My quick guess might be that this may be related parenting throwing off y position values.
  14. trevordev

    Babylonjs action manager

    @droggam You could try to use offsetX instead of pointerX, offsetX will be the pixel offset of the canvas you clicked on. You can then use scene.getEngine().getRenderingCanvas().width to get the width of the canvas. Subtract scene.getEngine().getRenderingCanvas().width/2 from the offset X and you have the distance in pixels from the center of the canvas. Multiply this by a ratio to convert pixel distance to meters (eg. 1/100) and set the x position to that. Maybe that is more what you are looking for?
  15. trevordev

    Bring 3D panel in front of camera.

    This should position it correctly: All the docs for scaling/positioning the gui is here: