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  1. Sorry, based on this site: it looks like only Edge, Firefox and Supermedium are supported by the mixed reality headsets at this time. When I tried an MR headset in chrome and chrome canary (With babylon or Aframe), webVR caused steamVR to hang so I think it might be an issue outside of babylon. When chrome removes webvr from behind the flag or when webXR is availible hopefully these compatibility issues will be resolved.
  2. I don't seem to be able to repro this and I have a similar setup to you. How large is the frame drop you are seeing? Could you try to disable teleportation and see if that makes any difference?
  3. bjs source - gui - new classes are not compiled

    Are the new classes you are creating placed in new files? If so, the new files also need to be added to Babylon.js\Tools\Gulp\config.json in the proper gui section and then you need to restart gulp. Hope this helps.
  4. Gamepad in non-VR-environment

    Hey, for me the second playground is working in chrome and firefox. My chrome version is Version 65.0.3325.181 (Official Build) (64-bit) as well. You can use the gamepad manager without the vr environment, see this PG which should be working in all browsers. If you are still seeing this not work in chrome let me know. The gamepad camera should be able to work with the gamepad api to get automatic support for moving the camera and then using the gamepad api to add custom button logic. Here is a PG: From my understanding Babylon's gamepad manager api was added to provide ease of use/consistency when using gamepads with babylon (eg. button observables, specific controller support like xbox). I believe there should be no issue if you choose to use the native browser APIs instead. Hope this helps.
  5. Take a look at this playground: See the selected/unselected events that fire when someone looks at a flag on the ceiling. You could create something similar using your buttons instead of the flags and when your button is selected/selected add your desired timer logic.
  6. This is not expected, the output when HDR is set should not have the dark reflection. I created to track this issue. Thanks for the feedback. This playground should fix your issue after the next build is released. Note the line: mirrorMaterial.reflectionTexture = new BABYLON.MirrorTexture("mirror", 1024, scene, true, BABYLON.Engine.TEXTURETYPE_HALF_FLOAT); which is needed to set a higher precision texture type to match that of the HDR textures used in the post process to avoid banding/artifacts
  7. The default pipeline has been updated to add Depth of field, Grain, Chromatic aberration and MSAA post processing. The existing bloom effect has also been updated to only bloom the bright highlights instead of blurring the entire image. See the updated demo and docs. Please let me know if you have any feedback. Thanks!
  8. VR camera height

    Teleportation is working for me here: I will also verify this works on Vive tonight.
  9. @dsman FYI msaa is now controlled via pipeline.samples = 4 or whatever level of msaa is desired instead of msaaEnabled to be consistent with the rest of the API before these were added a stable version. Updated in:
  10. VR camera height

    Which headset/browser are you using? I believe Vive or Occulus currently use actual height from the ground instead of using the default height set in the constructor when teleporting. For debugging you could hack this now by setting the hidden field _standingMatrix to null. See this playground: and let me know if that doesn't work. If I understand your issue correctly and the above fixes it we could add a flag to disable using standing matrix even if its populated by the headset for your scenario.
  11. To increase the msaa quality, the samples set on the first post process can be increased eg. setting it to 8 will be 8x aa. Currently this value is not exposed by the default pipeline but could be added if desired I created this to track this potential work. For the metallic issue you are describing, would you be able to provide a playground example that reproduces it so it can be investigated further? Thanks.
  12. From my understanding, anti aliasing should be possible in 2 ways. • FXAA is a post process and is toggled using the default pipeline. See playground below. This is done by babylon's fxaa shader and should be supported by most browsers. • MSAA is not a post process and is performed by webGL automatically when number of samples for a given texture is specified to 4, this is on by default when no pipeline is enabled. This default pipeline provides a control to toggle this that is false by default. In webGL versions < 2 (eg. Edge currently) msaa is only supported on specific types of textures that are not compatible with post processes so enabling any post process will disable msaa and enabling msaa in the default pipeline will fail. (With a message in the console) I think the resolution should not play a role in the quality of aa. If it does it might be an issue of re-scaling after aa has already been applied. Try out this playground which shows usage for both msaa and fxaa: 1. Enter vr 2. Observe msaa is enabled so it looks smooth 3. Press a key 4. Observe pipeline has been enabled for the headset's camera with image processing enabled so msaa is now disabled and jagged edges are visible 5. Press 1 to toggle fxaa 6. Observe smoothness has improved 7. Press 2 to toggle msaa (Not supported in edge) 8. Observe smoothness has improved I just tested this behavior in edge + mixed reality headset. Let me know if I missed any of your questions or if anyone has issues with a playground repro and I can try to take a look.
  13. You will need to keep using pep.js for now. Hopefully firefox will add support for this without the flag in the future.
  14. So it looks like Babylon does not provide a poly-fill for the PointerEvent constructor (see discussion in the issue I created above). To get support for this in firefox you can include the PEP poly-fill ( How to do this is described here:
  15. To work around this for now it looks like you can got to about:config in firefox and set dom.w3c_pointer_events.enabled to true