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  1. I am making a side scroller game but i want the edges to be walls which block your movement. Should the edges be a tile which then I set collision to so it acts as a wall? or would I create the walls as sprites which I set as immovable? I have already created my spritemap to test out collision but now i've found a tutorial saying i can do it with sprites... does anyone know the difference between doing it each way?
  2. hi. I have added my tilemap and I think added that to a layer. And i've also created my player sprite. I am re-making gunsmoke (youtube gunsmoke NES game). // Tiling* map = this.add.tilemap('map', 64, 64); map.addTilesetImage('tileset'); layer = map.createLayer(0); layer.resizeWorld(); //player player = game.add.sprite(600, 2900, 'player'); // create player sprite game.physics.enable(player, Phaser.Physics.ARCADE); // enable phyics to player I want to have specific tiles to prevent my player walking past them. It's the sides on the image image below.. How do I make them solid and not able to walk through? ( Sorry for my bad English. I have looked through Phaser Examples but I cannot find what I am looking for.