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  1. Hi If you open source the code, I will be very gratefull, because is a very nice and polish game
  2. bitelchux

    Is worthy publishing a game with Famobi?

    Which other options for html5 game (not very proffesional) are there?
  3. I have developed a game, and I would like to monetize it, I have seen html5 game publishers as Famobi for example that give you a part of the revenue that your game generate in their partners Problem is that I should spend to much time polishing this game in order to be accepted by Famobi, and the question is... how much money, in average, could a developer get with famobi monthly if they accept or publish your game? Also, do you know other companies famobi-like which could publish your game and give you money?in that case, are they more profitable?are they less exigent with your game quality?