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    restart map point

    Hello! I'm trying to get an object to have two path options, one correct and the other incorrect, and when it arrives at the given place, the keys are reset and I can do the same, but with other points on the map. The best result I achieve is using if, and with tween, but the problem is that I do not know how to reset the addresses of the keys when I arrive at the place. any ideas?
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  3. NicholasGustav


    Hello community! I'm new here and I have a few doubts, I hope someone can answer me. 1- Be about Js, HTML and CCS, in order to create games, is it necessary to have knowledge in database? Is it necessary to send data to a web server? only one player game, not the multiplayer that I imagine is different. 2- Another question is about monetization, it's curious since I'm still far from it, I've seen that they sell the games to portals, but reading a blog, I saw that I made money with ads too .. You can put your own ads in the games? or divide the profits with the portals or something?
  4. NicholasGustav

    Poker player in html5

    Hello, that's all, I'm new here I'm a professional poker player for 3 years I decided to open the way to programming, about two months ago I practice with javascript and html, even a clear novice: D . I saw the wonderful world of html5 games and I want to be part of it! At the moment I am practicing with phaser, I am not sure how to follow the path and create my own html5 games, in phaser they recommend to see their examples of games, but I really do not know if it is a way to take action. Do you think that phaser is the best thing for you to launch your own games? I do not care about the difficulty, I just want to know that by practicing I am doing something really productive and a product that will be worth it.