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  1. and is it possible if a collision is also a dropTarget?
  2. thankyou if i want to show the description (width, lenght, anchor point, etc) about a selected draggable object, on HUD (maybe?), what should i do?
  3. Thank you for the reply i will try it for the anchorPoint, what should i do if i want to make it automatically set? width/2, height/2?
  4. Good afternoon, im newbie for melonjs, i want to make game like diner dash. im using melonjs v4.1.1 my question is: 1. how to add text on HUD that describing our selected object 2. how to find center point of an object 3. how to place an object automatically (e.g. Enemy) to another object (or collision), like on diner dash game when user place the customer to the table. Thank you