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  1. Several shadows issues

    @Wingnut, probably locally I've mostly used stable version, so didn't noticed this. But now I've found it. At 28 July @Deltakosh made a commit - https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/commit/14b644a851a3ae4064d5cf790c22cf0865168997 - after it has appeared this bug with strange square shadow. The previous commit is good. Idea - please add to the playground an option to choose babylon.js's version more precisely - would be useful in such cases
  2. Several shadows issues

    @Wingnut, Radeon HD 6770 Something else?
  3. Several shadows issues

    @Arte, but how does "frustumEdgeFalloff" affects only me, in simple words? I see "1.5" sets a transparency of poison shadow. Maybe something makes soft exponential shadow transparent at all? What should we use - "frustumEdgeFalloff" or "shadowGenerator.setDarkness()" ?
  4. Several shadows issues

    @Arte, with "shadowGenerator.frustumEdgeFalloff = 1.5" looks good, no weird black square, but with "shadowGenerator.useBlurExponentialShadowMap = true;" still no shadow at all.
  5. Several shadows issues

    on Arch Linux now. Tried Firefox 57, Chromium 62, even Gnome Web
  6. Several shadows issues

    @Wingnut, that's how your example looks for me: ... this weird black square is being enabled by both useBlurExponentialShadowMap and usePoissonSampling
  7. Several shadows issues

    Unfortunately no difference for me: ... wrong ugly black shadow at red points, no shadow at green point.
  8. Several shadows issues

    Hello, Playing with shadows - https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#JI41I3 Several issues: 1. Why there are no soft shadows? 2. How do I remove this ugly black square around box/torus on the ground? I've noticed it after switching to the latest babylon.js version. If you comment out the line "shadowGenerator.useBlurExponentialShadowMap = true;" - black square will disappear and shadows will appear, but not soft. 3. If you comment out "shadowGenerator.useBlurExponentialShadowMap = true;" and uncomment "shadowGenerator.usePoissonSampling = true;" - poison shadow appears, but black square still exists;
  9. Camera's ellipsoid from above missing

    @Deltakosh, you recommend to use very thin boxes instead of planes for correct collisions?
  10. @JohnK, no, but you gave me another great idea with jumping also I could use my idea with transparent child to detect whether I'm on a ground - allow jumping only if it intersects the ground. So just 1 trigger - no more infinite loops. But in this case I'm thinking about an efficient way to walk upstairs. If I collide with a stair - move me UP and FORWARD a little. And again - no more infinite loops, just simple trigger, which runs once after collision with stairs. But as always - sounds good.. but need to try to realize it
  11. @Deltakosh, internally is there a function like onIntersect which runs forever in a loop to check for intersections?
  12. @Deltakosh, that makes a JavaScript code (getting an object, getting his name/id, comparing to the needed string, etc) execution in a loop forever I find it bad for performance and CPU load. Is it technically possible efficiently to implement BABYLON.ActionManager.OnCollisionEnterTrigger ? Like for intersections, but for collisions. If yes - avoiding onCollide for such tasks would greatly improve performance
  13. BABYLON.ActionManager.OnCollisionEnterTrigger still would be much better.
  14. @JohnK, thanks, but that breaks all default collisions with all other objects I need them. But I've just got a great idea - I can make around my character the most basic box, make it a little bigger than character, fully transparent, red box will be it's parent - and check for ersectionEnterTrigger between it and blue box! This will allow to save built-in collisions and add triggers for collisions with needed objects. Moreover it will be transparent - should be cheap calculations for WebGL. What do you think?