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  1. slingchilders

    WebGl performance on mobile

    I wanted to confirm that the problem was only on CE version. Haven't changed anything in the code, just switched to 2.6.2 and the performance is through the roof! Almost double. Is it really impossible to use CE version of phaser for mobile webgl? Why is it soooooooooooo slow.
  2. slingchilders

    Resizing the canvas itself, not the game

    How would I handle resizing the canvas? I try doing this on window resize, but the game is stretched very weirdly. I don't want to scale the game, just show more of it when the window and the game area becomes bigger/smaller? = this.canvasWidth; = this.canvasHeight; = this.canvasWidth; = this.canvasHeight; , this.canvasHeight);; // If i leave just this the game behaves as expected when resizing from bigger view to smaller, but when the game is loaded in a small window, and then resized to a bigger one, the canvas has margins set to never exceed the initial size, how can I fix it? = Phaser.ScaleManager.SHOW_ALL;
  3. I have a single background image that is 4000 pixels big. In canvas mode it seems to slow the game immensly when in mobile (iPhone SE) How can I fix it? I tried splitting the image into smaller sprites, but it has exactly the same
  4. slingchilders

    WebGl performance on mobile

    Why would PIXI do that, and not just render quads via webgl? Seems like the way it is set up is simply not meant for mobile devices, am I right? Even a simple demo in pure webgl renders literally thousands of sprites on iPhone SE with 60 fps. Phaser is struggling with a few :/
  5. slingchilders

    WebGl performance on mobile

    I've looked at all the topics here on this forum, and they all seem to be suggesting that debug.text is to blame for this. I have a rather large scene, no debug whatsoever, and on desktop it works fine. However on mobile, iphone SE, with canvas it's 60FPS, with WebGl, it's 10-20 :/ I don't use anything other than sprites, a few masks and tweens. What gives? I need to use WebGl, because I would like to use filters in the future.
  6. slingchilders

    Retina screen ugly graphics in Phaser

    I can't get Phaser to display graphics nicely. Here is my setup: = new Phaser.Game(this.settings.windowWidth, this.settings.windowHeight, Phaser.WEBGL, 'area', this, true, false); this.sprite =, y, key); this.sprite.update = this.update.bind(this); this.sprite.anchor.setTo(0.5, 0.5); this.sprite.smoothed = true; var scale = (1.0/window.devicePixelRatio); this.sprite.scale.setTo(scale, scale); this.sprite.smoothed = false; The graphics loaded here are 2x larger for pixelRatio 2. The first screenshot is in desktop, and looks really nice. Why is phaser so ugly on iOS? It's iphone SE.
  7. I have a mian body that moves freely on the board. To that body I want to attach a recrangle at a certain offset that would visibly dangle and rotate upon forces affecting the main body. How could I achieve that? I tried a set of springs, but I can't get the desired effect.