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  1. you can do everything in vim ("Old is Gold"). but if you want to use nvim then, for nvim (neovim) ; put the phaser auto-completion api to ...tern/plugin/.. or main .npm folder for global as described in http://redchilligame.com/how_to_use_phaser_with_vim follow this links:: for using vimrc for nvim https://github.com/neovim/neovim/wiki/FAQ https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/neovim/Nuki1lAnZ04 for ternjs :: https://github.com/carlitux/deoplete-ternjs https://github.com/roxma/nvim-cm-tern
  2. Just to be sure, I have tested in all platform as described in http://redchilligame.com/how_to_use_phaser_with_vim and it works very well (100/100 %). recheck:: -> python(2,3) ? -> in home dir:: place.. ->.vimrc/_vimrc(win) ->.vim ->bundle ->tern_for_vim ->node_modules .../plugin/ --> give it a try with vundle plugin manager --> re-check your vimrc file(path/calling..) and folder location once. --> install all the requirement plugins for associative plugins see doc. --> if all is set it will work (100/100 %) keep trying (VIM + PHASER ROCKS!!) Test result with tern plug both in gvim/vim:: phaser with vim in ubuntu [linux]:: phaser with vim in fedora [linux]:: phaser with vim in windows 10::
  3. (vim + phaser rocks) so as per your steps, all the installation steps are correct in reference to http://redchilligame.com/how_to_use_phaser_with_vim . its the problem with the tern_for_vim configuration since you are using vim-plug "plugin manager" (there's no error/problem with the vundle vim "plugin manager"). do any of the following steps:: reference:: https://github.com/ternjs/tern_for_vim/blob/master/autoload/tern.vim 1] goto you tern_for_vim folder ..autoload/tern.vim line 15 since Ubuntu; change node --> "nodejs" let g:tern#command = ["node", expand('<sfile>:h') . '/../node_modules/tern/bin/tern', '--no-port-file'] to let g:tern#command = ["nodejs", expand('<sfile>:h') . '/../node_modules/tern/bin/tern', '--no-port-file'] OR (if the above steps doesn't work then,) let g:tern#command = ['tern'] OR (if the above steps doesn't work then,) let g:tern#command = [ '${pkgs.nodePackages.tern}/bin/tern' ] 2]vim-plug configuration:: in vimrc:: call plug#begin('~/.vim/plugged') change ~ to $HOME ("its equivalent actually but, give it a try") 3] check if python is installed/or not 4] use vundle vim "plugin manager" if it still doesn't work in vundle, in vimrc:: change ~ to $HOME set rtp+=~/.vim/bundle/Vundle.vim and add this, call vundle#begin('$HOME/.vim/bundle/') -->hope this helps
  4. I think , you might have missed some steps for configuration phaser with vim in http://redchilligame.com/how_to_use_phaser_with_vim - according to the error you have posted:: /home/user/game/phaser.js:16034 tern is pointing to wrong api plugin check this steps:: 1] if linux:: install tern inside tern_for_vim folder using sudo npm install tern if windows:: if you use "neocomplete" instead of "youcompleteme" check if vim is compiled with +lua 2] you have correctly downloaded and copied phaser.js auto-completion api to the ..tern/plugin/ folder (*** note:: the official phaser.js != to phaser.js auto-complete api , they are two different entities :: one is framework another is auto-completer) *** download and copy the phaser.js auto-complete api (**not the official phaser.js ) from [point no.4] of the link provided in http://redchilligame.com/how_to_use_phaser_with_vim --this will solve most of the problem. 3] there is ".tern-project" - root of dir. -- and tell me if that works (vim + phaser rocks) " happy coding"
  5. if you followed all the steps correctly for setting vim with phaser in http://redchilligame.com/how_to_use_phaser_with_vim then, there shouldn't be any problem.(if the steps are correct). if the phaser auto completion plugin is installed in correct dir. then , its not necessary to type :TernDef (vim will auto display TernDef panel at bottom/top ). according to error you have posted:: at loadPlugins (/home/espace/.vim/plugged/tern_for_vim/node_modules/tern/bin/tern:136:15) the phaser auto completion directory folder is mismatched when calling:: set it to ../tern_for_vim/node_modules/tern/plugin/.. if set correctly you will see :: (ref: pic below)
  6. Guide on using Phaser auto completion with Vim

    **Updated.. **added more detail steps - options for handling bugs for phaser auto-completion in vim [ bug section] http://redchilligame.com/how_to_use_phaser_with_vim
  7. if you are coding all the javascript/ phaser inside main html file and want phaser auto-completion then, in vim, :set ft=javascript (to switch back :set ft=html) **this will allow you to list the .js plugin in current working file //for handling further bug on phaser auto-completion with vim// http://redchilligame.com/how_to_use_phaser_with_vim
  8. Hey guys, for all Vim users , check out my tutorial on how to use phaser with vim (includes auto-completion) http://redchilligame.com/how_to_use_phaser_with_vim