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  1. GameZoka

    A new fun dice game

    Hey guys, we are now having some promo events on Zokadice fanpage, please get some free egss if you need here:
  2. GameZoka

    A new fun dice game

    Love to hear so! This is our first game for both IOS and Android, hope you guys like it Please do visit our FB page: And if you find out something wrong or not good enough in ZokaDice, just don't hesitate to tell me there Happy gaming!!
  3. GameZoka

    A new fun dice game

    Hello everyone, please have a visit ZokaDice: It's a fun dice game with similar Yahtzee gameplay Now just CloseBeta (it will be released OpenBeta in 2 more weeks from now on) Our game will never bother you with any appear suddenly ads Any problem when playing, please contact me via (please don't hesitate) Anything in your mind that could make this game better, please let me know, thats really be appreciated Here are some another link to play Or