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  1. @Str1ngS It works!! Attached is my final working webpack.config.js. Note that there is a quirk, in the code, whenever I use: import Phaser from "phaser-ce" This will cause the plugin to show this error: "The value passed as the `game` argument ([object Object]) is not an instance of Phaser.Game." I fixed this problem by changing the import statement to: import Phaser from "phaser" This is so that the instance of Phaser that is used by Nineslice and the game is the same. Because in my webpack.config.js file, I explicitly wrote "phaser" in resolve.alias, which is ultimately used by PhaserNineSlice plugin, not "phaser-ce". Thanks again for your help! webpack.config.js
  2. Hi Str1ngS, I'm using webpack, but when I try to import phaser-nineslice, it always give me empty object. Does this plugin work with webpack? Or did I make any mistake in the config? Thanks in advance, great plugin btw! webpack.config.js