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  1. waverider

    cloning gltf model+skeleton bug?[solved]

    Thanks that sure helps!!!
  2. waverider

    cloning gltf model+skeleton bug?[solved]

    ohh i get it now...the animation looks kinda deformed too http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1NSCXV#9
  3. waverider

    cloning gltf model+skeleton bug?[solved]

    I tried with a different gltf model, it's still the same I used blender to export
  4. Hy there!! I tried to clone my gltf model and the skeleton and animate the models seperately at different intervals but it seems that the animation of other skeleton is dependent on the parent model. You'll see that i increased the animaton speed for the clones but it's not reflecting http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1NSCXV#7 @Deltakosh
  5. waverider

    GPU particle effect[solved]

    Thanks!! exactly what i'm looking for
  6. I've seen a post asking the same question before but unfortunately i can't locate it again. I'm trying to achieve something like this, particle trail following the player
  7. @ozRocker haha! I can relate to the frustrating part
  8. waverider

    Good Game

    Nice game!!
  9. hooray !!! we finally have a job posting forum...recorded on May 10th, 2018!!
  10. waverider

    cloning models animation

  11. waverider

    cloning models animation

    I tried the steps you said but it didn't work.. how did you do it? :)
  12. waverider

    cloning models animation

    Hy here's the model thanks for your time! https://www.dropbox.com/s/cxggc24yru5wuvb/mechfighteruntitled.fbx?dl=0
  13. waverider

    cloning models animation

    tried it but still not working ☹️
  14. waverider

    cloning models animation

    Hy there! been long since i post in a while.. I've been trying to clone the animation of my model but it's not working! what am i doing wrong? this is a PG https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#11BH6Z#358
  15. waverider

    Slavs - slavian rpg game

    whoa this is great!!