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  1. hello : ) i think you need this: engine.isPointerLock = true
  2. i feel like i am the only one complaining about animation lately For some reason the animation stops in this PG https://playground.babylonjs.com/#3G2JGE#5
  3. Hi there! How can i lerp animation from one frame to another like (from, to) with animationGroup? https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#11BH6Z#338
  4. Yeahh that's right...it started yesterday Here's a PG...the model should be animating very fast but it's not working..and the animation range too doesn't work https://playground.babylonjs.com/#3G2JGE#3
  5. gltf animation skipping

    Been waiting for it
  6. gltf animation skipping

    Hy guys!! My gltf model is skipping some frame so it's not animating smoothly as i want it to be https://playground.babylonjs.com/#3G2JGE
  7. gltf animation skipping

  8. gltf animation skipping

    @bghgary I don't think it's merged yet..still giving the weird behavior
  9. cancer awareness program

  10. cancer awareness program

    i did this for one for a medical project using the awesome babylonjs and its smooth gui https://carboplatin-cisplatin.yolasite.com/
  11. cancer awareness program

    @Deltakosh Title: Carboplatin & Cisplatin Author: Waverider Thanks!
  12. cancer awareness program

    @Deltakosh Thanks!!! This means a lot, never thought it will get featured on the main site itsef
  13. Hy there @yLacaute I use this when fusing different animations to the mix amount model...go to the website and download just the armature of the next animation you want(let's say running.fbx)...import to the blender scene where you have your mixamo model(let's say idle.fbx)..make sure the armature of the model is in pose mode...then go to the dopesheet..open actions buillder, select running.fbx. copy the keyframes from running.fbx on the right. Select the armature for idle.fbx, then paste the keyframes on the same clip. Just before that, use the marker to space so as not to override previous animations
  14. mouse + model rotation

    Thanks so much, finally got it to work!!!
  15. mouse + model rotation

    Hy there! i'm working on a cancer project and BJS has proven to be more than resourceful, i want to control my cancer victim model with the mouse movement, its rotation is not that great. drag the camera right to view other models, click on the model you want to rotate and check animate..Thanks for your taking your time https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#XPP99Q#1
  16. Hy there nice scene, this is what i use canvas.style.width = "25%"; canvas.style.height = "25%"; canvas.style.webkitTransform = "scale3d(4.0, 4.0, 1.0)"; canvas.style.webkitTransformOrigin = "0 0 0"; NB. the only drawback with using this is that you'll need to caliberate picking collision if you're using one, it doesn't work well with the GUI unless you use html UI which is not the best sometimes. Or you can use the native function engine.setHardwareScalingLevel(2.5), sometimes i combine this with the code above so i don't loose much quality see the difference in the fps gain https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#5YRWQA https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#5YRWQA#1
  17. Stupax - Sidescroller game

    reached level 10
  18. I actually thought I was the only one having problem with gltf animation..
  19. not sure if this is a bug, but the animation seems to be broken, it's like it's bricked on auto animation https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#DWNJ6Q
  20. gltf animation broken bug?

    @Deltakosh Sure i want the animation, what i mean is that i can't set the start frame and end frame for a specific part of the animation..it's not working
  21. How to toggle scene?

    @Wingnut yes kind of
  22. How to toggle scene?

    nicee!!!^_^ I am not really loading new models to the scene, i just need a toggle between having a sphere in this scene and having a torus in the other scene, but i can keep this handy next time!!
  23. How to toggle scene?

    is this still working? Because everything just froze on the screen i tried a different mesh for scene2 but it's not showing
  24. GPU particles

    @Wingnut console.log('hello hijack'); haha, i usually find it so funny when developers put funny logs in their script