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  1. I just saw that there is a dedicated section for bugs. How can I move my thread to that section?
  2. Nodragem

    Gif Creation

    @Dad72 I think that your English is fine, and don' t forget that your PR will be reviewed by someone else, so your English will be corrected if needed then. There are many people who aren' t native English speakers (including me), and still our documenting effort is worth more than no documentation !
  3. Cool! I did not know we could do that with TS I will totally use this next time. Thanks for the ideas; for now I am happy with my array of data. Ha 😕 yeah, that is indeed not a good idea if that impedes the performance
  4. Yep I will do but I am more concerned about the geometry artefacts which seems to result from mergeMeshes(); Concerning the black artefact I can use StandardMaterial for now
  5. So I try to reproduce the bug on the Playground, and I could not do it simply. For now I succeeded to reproduce the texture black artefacts but not the texture green artefact. I could not reproduce the geometry artefacts either (I mean the artefact that change the geometry of the maze). The texture black artefact seems to come from the use of BABYLON.PBRMetallicRoughnessMaterial; see the playground here: This is how the PG is rendered on the Amazon Fire 7: The problem occurs even without the mergeMeshes() call.
  6. When running on Silk Browser on Amazon Kindle Fire 7 the Mesh Merge function results in garbled mesh artifacts. Note that the merging works very well on Android and Apple device (using Chrome, or Safari). I am going to report it on Github, but if you have reasons to think that this is not a bug, please let me know.
  7. Thank you for your explanation I will check what's a FTP server (I am very new to web development). Never used PHP, but I am hoping there is a node.js equivalent to access files from a FTP server. I would like to keep my project in one language for simplicity.
  8. Thank you for your detailed explanation! Yep, so I guess it is not worth making my particles invisibles when behind walls. Concerning the data storage; I am using Typescript, I think it is a bit more complicated to add a custom property on a object. Would it impede the default performance if you added a property 'data:any' on your side, ready-to-use for the users?
  9. @Sebavan to change the empty mesh for a transform node solves my problem, hence yes I believe that if the Blender exporter was exporting Empty objects into Transform Nodes I would have not experienced the problem. At this stage, I do not think that the problem is due to clones of clones any more.
  10. Thank you very much for your explanation, that is indeed very useful to know! I am using isVisible = false now. Is it possible to prevent particles to be updated/visible based on whether they are behind a wall? My players are in a maze, so in fact I don't need to update what's behind walls. Note that, it could still be useful to be able to definitely destroy a particle as they could have no need to be visible again. Also, it could be useful to have a data property on each particle, or to have observables to make it easier to link the particles to other objects in the game. For instance, here my particles represent letter runes that the player can collect. Hence, I need to know which letter my player have collected. For now, I organised my code so that I can use the particle's idx property to retrieve the letter that the particle represents. But alternatively, I could have store the letter in a data property. Or alternatively, I could have observed the collision of each particle with an observer storing the letter. I mean, I am just giving ideas I think SPS is definitely a great tool to manage collectables in game level! I gonna use it all the time now.
  11. @Dad72, I'm going to ask the most newbie question ever but I m just not sure: is that saving the JSON file on the server (like Heroku)? If I understand, you are not saving in a database? If saving on my Heroku server, how much memory can I use?
  12. Yes I understand what is a TransformNode, and I use them very much to group my objects into groups. I am not sure I understand what you are saying afterwards. Are you happy to change the exporter so that we have the Empty objects of Blender exported as TransformNode in BabylonJS? That would be very nice. This turned our to be important to me because I experienced some issue when the parents of my tiles are meshes instead of transform nodes:
  13. no I have no issues; I am just making more optimisation than necessary cause I target mobiles and tablets by the way, when my player collects a coin, the coin should be killed. I did not find a way to dispose of a particle, so for now I do: p.isVisible = false; However, I think that the invisible particles should not be updated by setParticles(), so I tried: p.isVisible = false; p.alive = false; However, it seems that p.alive = false is cancelling the effect of p.isVisible. Is that normal?
  14. I tried to add some optimization by freezing some properties: Here what I added: SPS.computeParticleRotation = true; // prevents from computing particle.rotation SPS.computeParticleTexture = false; // prevents from computing particle.uvs SPS.computeParticleColor = false; // prevents from computing particle.color SPS.computeParticleVertex = false; // prevents from calling the custom updateParticleVertex() function //SPS.mesh.freezeNormals(); The freezeNormals() makes the back side of the letter runes black. Any other suggestions of optimisation?
  15. thanks for the feedback, that is very interesting! In fact, for now, the game will be played by like, 10 persons ^^ but we want to record almost everything about what they do if possible (that is part of a research project). I guess I will just start with a free database, then if the project is distributed to a bigger audience, I will change to a paid database.