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  1. Move the object

    Yeah. but if I at the moment of moving the body A begin to move the body B, then all the work is useless. Thus the need to use the method suggested above! I.e. create a temporary parent and from him to count! var CoT = new BABYLON.TransformNode("root")
  2. Move the object

    This involves add parent on mesh! Not parent!
  3. Move the object

    Hi friends! There are two objects A and B. How can I move the object A using the coordinate system of object B? Object B - not the world's axis!
  4. Speed zero

    Hi friends! There is a method setLinearVelocity() it sets the linear velocity vector. How to make the speed zero? Vector BABYLON.Vector3.Zero() in my opinion there not fit! And also about setAngularVelocity()! How does the rotation speed make zero?
  5. Power impulse

    So I knew that I have to remember school :))
  6. Power impulse

    I had such a decision, but I thought that could be done somehow by BJS forces
  7. Power impulse

    Here not all so simply! The fact that you need to hit the ball exactly the place of the click!
  8. Power impulse

    Hello, friends! There is a ball. And on the example, it moves at a constant speed to the desired point. Q: how do I make a ball move to an arc point? Like a flying projectile! here -
  9. Сoordinates to the object

    I knew that there must be a very simple solution) Thanks a lot!
  10. Сoordinates to the object

    No friend! All not just simple! )) The count comes from the global coordinate axes. If I click near the ball at the top left, it will roll in the opposite direction. And all this because of the global reference and direction of the vector. How to fix it?
  11. Сoordinates to the object

    Thank you! I am created PG. (click on the ground) How do I get a value target (line 39) such, that the ball moves in the direction of the mouse click?
  12. Сoordinates to the object

    There is an object Obj it and want to move to the point A. The known coordinates of point A with respect to the global center M. How can I do it using method setLinearVelocity(target)? If I is target put the coordinates of the point M, the Obj moves in the direction of the line L. But if it were possible to specify the target relative to the Obj. How can I do that? Obj.physicsImpostor.setLinearVelocity(target) More simply. When you click the mouse, send Obj to where I clicked with setLinearVelocity()
  13. Сoordinates to the object

    Hi friends! Is the object A is object B. Is there a way to give new coordinates to the object B, but so that the center coordinates was the object A? But object a does not become the parent of object B!
  14. Friction to stop the ball

    Thank You! I'm sure this is not the last time you answered that question.
  15. Friction to stop the ball

    Hello, friends! Friction isn't it supposed to stop the ball? Why does he keep moving like nothing's working on him? see here -