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  1. Thanks. Now I'm trying to: export to obj (I'm planning to use only meshes generated by code) using a bash script to bake textures with blender (I'm starting from ) import texture I will share results and a description of the process, just in case someone could find it usefull.
  2. Hello, I'm trying to use SSAO2 postprocess in a scene with an Ortographic Camera, but the results are really messy. With SSAO (you can see the muted code in the bottom of the playground project) I cannot see any kind of result. Here is the playground: Thanks!
  3. Very cool indeed! Playing with flat-shaded meshes and spotLights it's what I'm actually trying to do. Here's a tree (I used a tube to make the trunk and a dodecahedron to make the leaves). The more I know, the more I love you, BabylonJs
  4. mesh.convertToFlatShadedMesh() is exactly what I'm looking to catch. Please forgive me if I was not able to find it by myself. Thanks a lot guys and happy holidays!
  5. Hello guys, is there a way to have Lathe, Tubes, Ribbons or Custom Extruded Shapes (with low tasselation settings) with distinguishable faces (like Extruded Polygon or Polyhedra)? Thanks, Marco.
  6. Sps is used on the Voxel Demo ( , right? I need to investigate more on this subject, thank you @BitOfGold Thank you @Deltakosh, reducing camera.maxZ makes almost all flickering issues go away (and also reducing the number of boxes generated in every step). I think that probably with the right way to remove the unseen meshes all should work perfectly.
  7. Hello guys! First of all I would like to thank you for all your valuable comments on this forum. I’ve found basically all answers to my questions digging up this forum. I’m trying to make a simulation/rpg like game with Babylon and I'm experimenting with procedural generation and content streaming. I need help on two (probably related) questions: 1 Z-Fighting / Flickering on Mobile. I’ve noticed that some meshes are flickering on mobile (especially the ones who are generated on click). I thought could be some Z-Fighting problem and I moved the ground generation before the trees generation, doing this has solved the issue only on the meshes who are generated on load, not on the meshes generated on con click. I’ve also tried various ways of click picking / invisible mesh combination but nothing changed apparently. I need to try with no overlapping visible meshes, but I still need an overlapping invisible plane to detect the click. 2 Merging / Instancing doubts. Merging a big group of boxes has really amazing FPS performance (even on mobile with a large world), but freezes the browser. So I’ve splitted and delayed the merging execution, still freezing but it looks better. I’ve tried with ribbons, amazing performance and results if you need something like Transport Tycoon, but isn’t what I was looking for. Instancing a big group of boxes has no freezing at all but really low FPS rate, I need to try to use a box without 2 useless faces, but I suppose the FPS rate will be much the same. Clues on solving this or ideas about different approaches will be really appreciated. Thanks, Marco.