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  1. Yes, thanks! I haven't see the existence of the scene.activeCamera. It will be easier!
  2. In this code : I don't create camera, BJS do it for me. When I rotate the camera it doesn't rotate at all (I'm not using the camera in headset mode).
  3. It does not seems to work : The camera doesn't rotate :/
  4. I tryed on my project, and then got back to the playground to show you. Here is the sample : The rotation does not do anything to the camera. My goal is to "reset" user's view (like a reset center view).
  5. Thank you I'll try that. It's not a limitation, it's a "reset" during a transition, the user cannot feel it
  6. Hello, I'm developping a web VR editor for 360 video experiences, and I would like in this case to force the camera rotation when I change my POV. I tried to use setTarget on ArcRotateCamera, but it doesn't work when scene.createDefaultVRExperience() is called. How could I change my camera rotation? Thanks, Benjamin