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  1. captainleighwalker

    Black and White Bump Mapping

    cool thanks I guess for normal use you don't need parallax? I was thinking add shadow with no offset on the canvas to make a transition between white and dark.
  2. captainleighwalker

    Black and White Bump Mapping

    hi @Pryme8 I think what you have done is what I need - I want to make a black and white image with canvas and use it as a bump map. It looks like only normal maps are supported? Would there be any chance you could simplify your code to just show a black and white canvas rendered as a bump as that pg is pretty complicated for me! It would be much appreciated. Regards Leigh
  3. captainleighwalker

    Modular typescript tutorial

    Hi Up until now I have been creating web apps in a single javaScript fileand I don't use GitHub. I like how Babylon is organised on GitHub but I have no idea how to get into this work flow. I have tried to follow tutorials but they don't make much sense to me. Can any one recommend a tutorial for creating a web app arranged like Babylon? Thanks in advance.
  4. captainleighwalker

    3.2 assetsManager.onFinish fires before finishing

    Hi @Deltakosh did you manage to fix this as this was preventing me from using the latest version at the time? Thanks if you did!
  5. captainleighwalker

    Line Thickness

    Sorry I was referring to this method I have a big smooth radius line so I thought a tube was a bit over the top.
  6. captainleighwalker

    Line Thickness

    @Deltakosh this still seems to miss half of the lines in my tests? and in the pg above the one line.
  7. captainleighwalker

    Door designer (Work in progress)

    Hi buddies This is my current version on canvas Old This is my progress so far in Babylon New Any suggestions welcome. Thanks for help from @Deltakosh @JohnK @Wingnut 🍺
  8. Hi i am trying to load all files with asset manager. Is it possible to do CreateFromPrefilteredData with this method? thanks in advance
  9. captainleighwalker

    Png texture mask

    Thanks, it works in chrome but its just black in ie and Edge?
  10. captainleighwalker

    Png texture mask

    Finally got a PG Repro. My format code doesn't seem to work. coordinatesIndex is 0 for both textures. You will see it maps ok if applying texture directly.
  11. captainleighwalker

    Png texture mask

    I assume the problem is the texture cant tile?
  12. captainleighwalker

    Png texture mask

    This is with uv texture squares map. You can see bump is mapping ok but not texture?
  13. captainleighwalker

    Pivot and position 3.2

    Yes @Wingnut That's is what I was looking for. Sorry @JohnK not had time to get back to the questions. I did work that out in my head Wingnut since I last posted. I realised I made the model in Inventor with bottom left corner at 0,0,0 in XY axis. I centred the model in Max which obviously just applies a transom. I realised all the verts are still at the original cords. I think baking transforms makes life more simple then I don't need to worry about y and z after importing. However since pivot and verts are all at the correct absolute position all I have to do is box.bakeCurrentTransformIntoVertices(); and everything is normal!!!! Thanks for your help, I think this case is closed!
  14. captainleighwalker

    Png texture mask

    Well I've tried! I've made the texture the same size as my bump texture but it seems like the cords are not the same or something? What's missing here? Also I take it you have to set has Alpha to show the diffuseColor below? var texture = new BABYLON.DynamicTexture("slabOutsideTexture", { width: img.naturalWidth, height: img.naturalHeight }, scene); var context = texture.getContext(); context.fillStyle = "white"; context.fillRect(0, 0, img.naturalWidth, img.naturalHeight); context.drawImage(img, 0, 0);
  15. captainleighwalker

    No shadow from clone

    Yes thanks 😁