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  1. SirFizX_ELHS

    Fun 3D Multiplayer Game

    Glitch:!/aframe-multiplayer-chat? Github: A-Frame Multiplayer Chat How to Play Toggle chat ui with EQUALS key. Toggle music mute with M key. Play next song with P key. You won't be able to send chat messages without entering the proper Message_KEY. Pressing the F key or clicking the VR Headset Icon will take you to fullscreen mode. Note: in fullscreen mode only movement keys are enabled. Press the ESC key to exit fullscreen mode. Start by clicking the Show Live button at the top of this page. Remixing Instructions Set the MESSAGE_KEY in .env. Change the scene's environment preset in the index.html. Create your own .ply models in MagicaVoxel and add them to the scene in the index.html. In the client-config.js set the values for: avatar array of face image URLs ( use .png with transparent background ) avatar color sound file URL for playerJoined sound file URL for playerLeft My LinkedIn :
  2. SirFizX_ELHS

    Making Particle Color Match Sprite Color

    How about adding a particle color property to your sprites then use dynamic texture generation? You can use ctx.getImageData to obtain the 8bit rgba value for any particular pixel in your canvas if this must be done at runtime. // Create our bitmapData which we'll use as our particle texture var bmd = game.add.bitmapData(64, 64); var radgrad = bmd.ctx.createRadialGradient(32, 32, 4, 32, 32, 32); radgrad.addColorStop(0, 'rgba(1, 159, 98, 1)'); radgrad.addColorStop(1, 'rgba(1, 159, 98, 0)'); bmd.context.fillStyle = radgrad; bmd.context.fillRect(0, 0, 64, 64); // Put the bitmapData into the cache game.cache.addBitmapData('particleShade', bmd);
  3. SirFizX_ELHS

    Huntin and Fishin

    This is something I put together this afternoon for my students to play with. Live demo.