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  1. DirectX Raytracing in babylon

    well, any gpu based html5 renderer works on webgl and current upcoming standard is webgl 2 which is just opengl es 3, which does not have many desktop features. so for browser gpu raytracing you'll have to wait couple of years within webgl 3.
  2. Spine and mesh

    many, so it's obvious thing
  3. HTML5 export of Unity flappy bird is 72K?

    @mazoku: unity gives better possibilities and easiest start for game devs.
  4. Phaser Developer For Hire [$15/Hour Rate]

    remember: always provide your portfolio within your offer.
  5. putting checks into update() after a certain time?

    use Promises, they are designed to that kind of tasks. some code example: const interaction = id => { console.log(`start ${id}`); let complete = null; const promise = new Promise(done => { complete = () => { console.log(`end ${id}`); done(); }; }); return { complete, promise }; }; console.log('make'); const i1 = interaction('i1'); const i2 = interaction('i2'); console.log('promise'); Promise.all([ i1.promise, i2.promise ]).then(() => console.log('all done')); console.log('trigger'); i1.complete(); i2.complete();
  6. Chrome extensions development

    please, provide some details - what end goal you want to achieve, what does not work, what you have already tried. be more specific
  7. Ideas for funding of small game dev studio

    ok, i see it now - your problem is not about that you are not successful as you want to be. your problem is about your habits. tell me, are you currently studying or if not, how many years of working for someone else do you have? this is serious question so please, answer with truth.
  8. how to make bingo game using phaser

    ok then: bingo game is game about guessing numbers. i hope it helps. you got wide answer for wide question. if you want to get specific answer, you have to ask specific questions, otherwise you may never get any answer.
  9. set and cancel fullsreen mode in mobile.

    just add some in-game button to toggle fullscreen request and you should be fine.
  10. Alternative editor?

    you can use atom or vs code for scripting, but you'll have to setup your project to work just with engine, bundle it and manage all stuff that editor do for you by yourself.
  11. Ideas for funding of small game dev studio

    @mazoku actually having a second/part job is making your goal more achievable - you want to be succesful? work hard and prepare for failures, have plan B. doing things based on pure luck is dumb. really really dumb. you want to be successful? then you have to be smart and do whatever steps you need to survive until you make second angry bird story of success. so don't be dumb and always prepare for failures, do not avoid them. be reasonable, not optimistic.
  12. Looking for Buying Games for My Website

    high quality, low price? nope, that does not add up.
  13. Can't preview in browser on Latest Dev (Black Screen)

    @enpu good advice to add into engine: every plugin version should have set minimal/maximal version of engine that works with it and engine pipeline should check and possibly give user info about updating given plugin
  14. Can't preview in browser on Latest Dev (Black Screen)

    hi! does logs say something? if yes, could you share them with us?
  15. Using Text with @4x halves the fps (SOLVED)

    don't panic, every problem can be solved do you use canvas or webgl rendering in your game? if webgl, there will be option to drop drawcalls to few with sprite batching and texture atlases, i think enpu could make that optimisation as part of engine and then you will be happy with html5 again